Happiness is a feeling of positive emotions, like joy, interest and pride and absence of negative emotions like sadness, anxiety and anger. Happiness is associated to life, satisfaction, appreciation and to those moments of positive in life. A happy person does not encounter negative emotions because they process feelings in quite a different way not like others do. This implies that they are not naturally happy or that they are more blessed with positive and good things, rather like all they also have matters in life that can stress them.
Thus going by the above norms I was quite a happy go lucky girl, embracing the situations and learning in the path. However like any other girl I got married came in a very good family where I’m the princess. So far so good, all happy. Then came the transitional phase I got pregnant and the whole reason of being happy changed.

Motherhood was overwhelming, the hormones did their trick and I was happy in a moment and sad at the other. Gradually I became stable but from a rational mother I ceased to be an emotional nutshell. Now my happiness is just centered towards my child and thing that my child does makes me happy.

Today my plate of happiness is trying a new, healthy recipe for my kiddo and seeing my kiddo enjoying each bite of the food. Waking up at 5 in the morning to prepare her tiffin and breakfast, and seeing her relishing the food gives me happiness and a beautiful glow on my face. Earlier if one would have asked me to get up at 5, I would have been sulking, but today motherhood has brought the change in me.

Who does not love to shop for themselves, but again the mother in me is happy if she shops for her little diva. The moment I enter any shopping arcade all I buy is stuff for my little one, and this gives me immense happiness.

To me my child is perfect and I am not in the mad race of excelling but whenever my child excels in any thing or child is appreciated, I just get immensely happy and an ear to ear smile can be seen on my face. However earlier I was the competitive soul and loved all the compliments and achievements that were showered on me. However now when my Sunshine beats me in any thing, be it a chess game or race or baking a cup cake, I am truly happy.

Therefore I must say though my preference for being happy has changed but my plate of happiness is full and the glow of happiness is always there on my cheeks.

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