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Hi to everyone.
I am Priyanka Patwari!

I believe that that life is a journey. A journey that teaches you. I joined facebook 8 years back just like others did to get in touch with my old friends. However I realized that it was a small perception of facebbok. It was bigger than this and it just helped me to achieve so many things in life. It helped me to grow and flourish. It gave me the wings to fly.

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Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.

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9 ways to save money on the road

There’s nothing like experiencing a road trip. A road trip is all about you and your experiences along the way. In a road trip, you are in control (well mostly ;). You get to choose the time of your travel, the day, the halts, the sight-seeing you might want to experience while on the road, so on and so forth.

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The Best Va And Veteran Resources For Finding A Wife

Some people have difficulties finding love. For some, it happens on first sight, but others have to search for it. Ever since the Internet was invented, people have been creating profiles on online dating sites hopefully to find their perfect match. This has become a custom for all single individuals to try their luck via a virtual platform. What can you do? If you can’t find someone by going out and socializing, try a different form of meeting people. Besides, dating sites are constantly evolving. By now, you have the opportunity to date someone with remarkably similar interests and hobbies like yours.

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My Experience with NanoNine Products

I have recently started reading a lot about the ill effects of plastic containers to store food. I was looking for a nice tiffin box for my husband, after a suggestion from my friend I came across NanoNine’s website. They have amazing stuff for kitchen ; starting from the lunch boxes to the water bottle, everything is made with high-quality stainless steel. I was astonished to see innovative kitchenware, here is the review of 3 amazing products which I bought from NanoNine.

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Perfect Valentine’s day gift for the loved one

I am a huge fan of personalized products, I love them like anything. It feels the personalized items make the best gift choice. I am going to celebrate my anniversary in February month and was looking for some unique and nice gifting option for my husband. Moreover, this is the month of Valentine and I wanted to make the moment super special for him. I am done with wallets, shirts, and belts for him. I wanted to gift him something which replicates the beautiful bond of love we share with each other.

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Baby’s Breath for Classic Wedding Flowers

You can add a touch of classic romance on your wedding with the Baby’s Breath flowers. The Florist Delivery for Baby’s Breath has been taking the wedding into a new height with all the brilliant ideas from the Florist Singapore. This cloud-like filler flower is a staple flower to style or theme of wedding. It can be a perfect choice whether you want a rustic one or a vintage type of wedding or even for the classic, traditional, or modern style. No doubt, this is the most favorite wedding flower because its charm and beauty never fades away while the cost remains low and budget-friendly.

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Are You Planning For A Solo Trip? Check out XOXO Torus App – Your Travel Buddy

Gone are those days when people found exhaustive to travel. Nowadays, people love to travel, it is like a passion, a wonderful way to relax and rejuvenate. Many people love to take solo trips or tours as it helps them to take a quick break from their business schedule. Moreover, they are lot many people who travel totally for interest and passion. They love to discover new places, connect with strangers or local singles of a place and enjoy a whole new wonderful experience.

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