14 TH November is approaching and its time to gear up to celebrate Children’s day. I truly believe that each and every day is to be celebrated with our little sun shines, but dedicating a day exclusively for them is wonderful and it was a day that even we used to look forward to, during our childhood days. Lets take a trip down the memory lane and enjoy the fun filled day with our little munchkins.

1] Bake a cake– The kids love to bake a cake and what better start the day with your kitchen filled with the smell of freshly baked cakes. Try some innovative recipes, make a savory cake with the child to surprise the people. The kids can bake a chai cake with salted icing to surprise their dads.

2] Get your dream job– Every child has certain dreams and aspirations ask the kiddo what he or she aspires to become so if possible let them have a dummy session of their desired job. If they wish to

3] Marathon– Provide them a booster on health and importance of fitness regimes. Organize a marathon for a good cause, the main idea should be completing the race and not winning it. Each child should rejoice the feeling of
completing the race.

4] On a picnic– Nothing is better than going on a picnic, the winter has approached and taking a sun bathe in the park can be a wonderful idea. Carry some snacks and games to play at the picnic spot.

5] Visit to some museum– Plan an outing to some famous museum of your city. It would be an educational plus a fun outing for the kids.

6] Visit to some place of worship– Taking them to place of worship will inculcate a good value in them right from their budding phase. The power of prayers and its importance will be understood by the kids and it will help them to relax and distress.

7] A cycling expedition– In the wee hours of morning take kids out in a pollution free and traffic free zone. The fresh air will just freshen up their body and mind and get the day started for them. After the cycling tour just head for some protein packed healthy breakfast. A gift of health and inculcating healthy lifestyle in them will be the greatest gift for the kids.

8] A crafting tour– Get your kids started with some gift making. A recycling or upgrading program will just get them to know the creative side of their personality. They will learn a new art and rejoice at the fact of creating something new and interesting.

9] Dance party– Just groove to some peppy music and get the party started. Tap your feet to latest Bollywood tracks and have fun as you match beats with the kids and learn new moves.

10] Simply talk to them– The kids are exposed to various matters of stress from a very early age. Nuclear families and working parents all of these just leaves them alone. They do not have anyone to deal with their problems, big or small. They cannot share their feelings and talking to them will help them to unfold and open up. They will be able to get comfortable and get their issues resolved.

Small boy talking to his mother

The whole concept of celebrating Children’s day should be that kids have fun in an organic way rather than spending time in useless handful playoff or they should be introduced with few aspects of life.