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September 2017


Destination Wet Bengal-Chapter-2

In continuance of our previous journey of Destination of West Bengal now we are running through chapter -2 Destination West Bengal , a brief details about the holy place of Shri Lord Krishna Radha and Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.

About Mayapur

Mayapur is located on the banks of the  ganga river, at the point of its confluence with the Jalangi, near Nabadwip Dham, West Bengal,India, 130 km north of Kolkata (calcutta). The headquarters of ISKON are situated in Mayapur and it is considered a holy place by a number of other traditions within Hinduism, but is of special significance to followers of Gaudiya Vaishnavism as the birthplace of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, regarded as a special incarnation of Lord Krishna in the mood of Radha. Standing at the junction of river Ganga and Jalangi, Mayapur is a laid back city with lovely views and plenty of temples, making it ideal for multitudes of team,It is visited by over a million pilgrims annually.Read more

Earn Money

Home based online Earnings Ideas

There are several website who claims that on getting register on their site, you can earn handsome amount of money without any investment, working according to your comfortable time.

But when you try to grab the opportunity you end in failure, without a single penny in your hand, so the question arises which website to trust which can provide you actual gratification, is that website is suitable to you, with respect to your location, your capabilities.Read more


World Class Cricket stadium-Sardar Patel Stadium,Ahmedabad

63 Acres of land, live performances, lights, camera, action; a small humble introduction to the mighty Sardar Patel Stadium. This world class stadium situated in the Motera locality of Ahmedabad is a stadium that has the largest sitting capacity in the world. Some 110000 odd can sit in the stadium to witness the day and night games, life performances, concerts and more.

This is a fully equipped stadium with 76 corporate boxes, Olympic sized swimming pool and four dressing rooms. This renovated stadium will be tough competition to any other international stadium even the Melbourne Cricket Ground. Apart from these features the stadium will also facilitate parking for 3000 cars and 10000 two wheelers and this is not all it will have three practice grounds and also a clubhouse with 55 rooms.

It would be only fair to give credit to this ground for giving some breathtaking records of the legendary cricketers like Sachin Tendulksr, Sunil Gavaskar, Kapil Dev to name a few.

This is a truly world class stadium to witness some of the best tournaments, programs and more. Experience this spectacular stadium and view the matches from different angles and excellent lighting. It would not be an exaggeration to claim it as Mecca of stadium.


My Life Is a box of colors

Life is a mystery and constant journey that has phases. The beauty of life is not the destination but the journey.Many times I have heard people saying that my life is black and white or every decision in your life has two aspects black and white. No I disagree strongly, life is colorful and it is you who decides the color of your life.Read more


Dear school, I hate you , you are not kid’s friendly, The new generation school

Every other day there are news popping up in the newspaper regarding the crimes committed against our munchkins in the school premises. We try to overcome the fear from one incident and get our little off to school and yet another devastating news makes the headline. Where are we leading to. Let us peep in the situation and try to analyse what is going wrong rather than just playing the blame games.

Read more


How to teach your kids the importance of MONEY

The financial skills are an integral and important part of life still the schools do not teach the value of money to kids. Thus as parents these responsibilities comes on to us. To help our children live a life that is financially fit we need to teach them the value of money. We need to teach them the importance of money as per their age. Gradually bigger concepts need to be introduced. As early as at the age of seven the kids need to be introduced to the concept of money.Read more


Yes I am married, But i am a daughter also!

Every year we celebrate the Women’s day we praise her different, roles that of a daughter, sister, friend, wife, daughter in law, mother and many more in the list. However the irony is that we just desire and love to see her being torn in different relations that constitutes her identity.Read more


How to give kids TECH free Environment

The other my 10 year child came home complaining severe headache. The pain was
so severe that she was unable to lift her head even to ear meals. I panicked and
reached out for the doctor who could identify any issues so recommended an eye
specialist. We went for the examination and to our surprise her first question was
how much time does your child spends on the mobile or tab. She did not do any test
it was this one question and an affirmative answer from our side concluded about
the disease and its cure. Simple the doctor said that the time spent on the screen
should be reduced.
However the doctor did her job, but letting your child not sit in front of the screen or
taking the gadget away from the child is a herculean task for mothers. We are
preoccupied by work or let us say if we want to feed the child we put the gadget in
front of the child and we are sorted. We apply the negative and positive aspect of
upbringing together. This concept or let us say the methodology is wrong. A bad
habit can never eradicate another bad habit. Therefore it is important to have set
rules of upbringing, but remember kids are kids and they do not follow the rules so it
is important to inculcate the good traits in them via practice. If you plat games or
surf the net your child will do the same rather read a book to your child to find the
answer and see your child will do the same. Kids are good at imitating thus give them
something good to imitate. Inculcate the habit of reading in them and see them
becoming bookworms. Rather than playing games on the screen play it on the
ground or park. If there is no space for outdoor games get some indoor games and
see their brain developing and reasoning skills improving. Parenting is a full time task
and you cannot let that piece of technology take your place in terms of time spent
with child. If there are kids in your apartment or locality organize play dates with
them. This would entertain your child and other kids also. Moreover the hazards that
technology can put in your kids life can be reduced.
It is not easy but it is not difficult also and owing to the benefits and its importance
on improving your bond with your child it is definitely a must. Your child grows in a
big community learning from different people and has real friends rather than virtual
friend. The child learns to stay in a real environment with real happiness and smile
rather than just fictitious environment where he plays with an unknown mind. The
child learns to communicate and the importance of expressions in his life.

Today is the era technology and it is important to teach the kids the healthy
concepts of using digital technology. Media and digital devices are an integral part of
our society. They are beneficial if used in moderation but can impose risks when
used without any rationing. Keep the face to face communications on and do not get
lost behind the lights of media and technology.