irrirating advice for new moms

The moment you confirm the news of pregnancy everything is rosy and beautiful. But, it is not how it looks like in the picture, the worst is waiting for you. Motherhood comes with its own perks, the sleepless nights will make you feel like a zombie. Apart from that, every second person on road will give you unnecessary parenting advice starting from the food habit to the sleeping pattern they have advice for almost everything. I am sure you will want to bang your head after hearing to all those weird pieces of advice.

Here are the 9 irritating thing that a new mom hears. Talking from my experience.

9 advice new moms get

1)  This was is the first question which every single aunts will ask you, “Do you produce enough milk ??” .. Woah. I am sure you don’t want to imagine yourself like a cow. But, this is the most common question which you have to face after giving birth to your little one. Even if you said you are producing enough milk, they won’t agree to it.

9 advice new moms heard

2) Do you feed your little one in sleeping position?? Oh, god forbid if you said yes. They will come up with lectures and will tell you how it can be risky for your baby. They will make sure you regret feeding the baby in the sleeping position. And don’t forget to carry the tag of lazy mom, because you choose to feed your little one in a sleeping position.

3) This one is my favorite, how you should lose your pregnancy weight. They would suggest you send off your maid, cook or helper because you should do all the chore yourself in order to lose weight. Yeah.. and eventually die.

4) Unwanted advice to sleep train the baby, no matter your baby is just 3 months old but you see you must sleep train them. If possible send them to all other training which is available.

5) Sleep when the baby sleeps, as if it was that easy. Just answer me who will take care of the dishes, cooking, and laundry.

6) When baby number 2 will arrive, it is a very personal choice but people love to peek into other’s personal life. Get ready to answer this question.


7) The weight of the baby. It is an international topic to debate. If the baby looks tiny, the mommy is in serious trouble. You will be flooded with all sort of advice to increase the baby weight. We are in a country where chubby kids are considered as healthy.

8) Do not take the baby outside much if anyone finds the mom shopping in the mall with a new- born she is in serious trouble. If the climate is cold she gets to hear, if it is hot she surely gets to hear all the judgmental comments. There is no way to escape.

9) Don’t hold the baby too much else she would be used to it. I mean, I gave birth to my child and why I should hold her for a long time?? The chores can wait but this lovely moment spend with my little won’t come back again.


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