Everyday we get up with the hope of being a bit more positive, a bit more relaxed, and a bit more chilled out. We promise ourselves that we will limit our thought process to ourselves and not get involved in others lives. I can see all are nodding and giving their approval. However the irony of our lives is we only think but do we ever implement it? No we are too much involved with others life that we end up judging them. Has single moment ever gone without thinking of someone else. Everybody’s life gets equal attention from us. Deep down we do not ponder about our lives but we are concerned what is happening in others life

As much we try to focus in their lives, if we would rather concentrate in our lives and try to analyze the situations, trust me we will get a better understanding of our lives. Suppose if a lady is working in the office till she has to go to the for delivery or on the other hand a lady stops to work as soon as she conceives, we have advices for both of them. Can’t we leave the matter for them to decide as all the humans are different. A couple chooses to be live in for 10 years and more on the other hand a couple decides to marry after a short meeting of 10 minutes, and this is the beauty of life. Live and let live, let us support and appreciate each other, and let the judging part go to the judges as there are so many pending judiciary cases that are awaiting the verdict.

A couple decides not to have kids and enjoy the double income, whereas the other couple decides that father will stay at home to take care of triplets whereas the mother will resume her job as the navy officer. What is wrong with the
mindset of the people that we are expected to behave in a particular way. There are pre set norms for the code of conduct but did we ever realize that it is only acceptance that is needed by all the humans. All the worldly riches as exotic vacations and best of the branded outfits lose their meaning if we are judged and not accepted wholeheartedly for what we are.

Being in a serious committed relationship or having a open relationship or being in relationship with the person of the same sex should not be eyed. It is their life and as long as their decision is not hurting anyone there should be no issue to anyone.

At the end all I want to say is that if limit our concern up to ourselves and not sneak peek in others life trust me this planet would be heaven. Live life like that of a free bird let the sky be your zone. Just fly without thinking of the destination and live each and every moment of the journey. If a person has no regrets in his or her life then they have definitely not lived their life.

On your death bed you will not remember the comments, positive or negative that you were showered with but you will remember the sweet memories that brought smile on your face. Therefore it is important to create those moments full of smile rather than trying to please people by behaving like someone you are not. Be you and this is the biggest gift that you could ever give to yourself. Celebrate the festival called LIFE.



I completed this post in 30 minutes and I swear I did not cheat!

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