About Me

When I, sit in the balcony and gaze at the Ganges that flows so peacefully and touches the lives of so many, a thoughts instills in mind how it would be if I could also connect to so many people. Being a Mommy to a four year and wife to a loving husband paved my way so as to fulfill my this dream to get in touch with more and more people.

I believe that that life is a journey. A journey that teaches you. I joined facebook 8 years back just like others did to get in touch with my old friends. However I realized that it was a small perception of facebbok. It was bigger than this and it just helped me to achieve so many things in life. It helped me to grow and flourish. It gave me the wings to fly.

I am Priyanka Patwari from the city of joy, Kolkata. I have always wanted to share the beautiful stories of journey. Thus clubbed the two and came up with my second baby, my blog.

When I learn something new or observe something new or just spent some me time it is this blog that helps me to share my perspective with all the beautiful people out there. This blog is an extension to my beautiful journey and persona.

And thanks to you for stopping by, and lets gear up for this topsy turby fun filled roller coaster ride.



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