I am a person who doesn’t enjoy the typical saas-bahu series on TV. I just can’t deal with the overacting and makeup laden leads. I personally prefer shows that are more relatable. But at the same time, I am not into serious stuff.  Hence, I was looking for a fun show to watch online when I came across Babbar ka Tabbar on ZEE5. With this show, I finally found something that was both relatable yet incredibly funny.

Concept Of The Show

The series revolves around Punjabi family who is struggling to maintain their sanity due to everyday issues. The cool guy Anshuman Jha is the sutradhaar who bridges the gap between the kids and their parents.

This guy has got a solution for everything. Apart from him, the show consists of a ‘trying hard to be cool’ father, socially-awkward son, overconfident daughter and an over-protective mother. All the unique characters come together and entertain you to the core. The show reflects the generation gap in a witty way with situations where you can relate to your own everyday life struggle.

Why I love to watch Babbar Ka Tabbar

I can watch the show Babbar ka Tabbar back to back. It’s like the perfect stress buster. The best part is you can watch it with your family and everyone will love it to the core. My personal favourite among the characters in the show is the tenant Jamia. Anshuman Jha does look like the quirky saviour we have in our friend circles. He has the best possible solution for almost all the problems occurring in the life of the Babbar family. My second most favourite character would be the over-protective mother and the cute overconfident daughter who keep the gags going, along with Jamia.

Why I recommend My Audience to Watch the Series

The show has all the fun elements which will shoo away your stress. The content is fresh and mostly relatable to all age groups. Finally, we have a show where we don’t need to deal with the typical plot of killing the leads and the vamps. Truth be told, the show is the perfect portrait of old-school parenting and millennial child and how their clashing lifestyles drops them into unique situations.

Where You Can Enjoy Babbar ka Tabbar

Babbar ka Tabbar is an original series that is available to stream on ZEE5. This show is a mass entertainer and will surely be loved by everyone. I loved Season 1 and going by the trailer, Season 2 sure looks fun too.

The subscription for ZEE5 is pretty light on the pocket too. I got the ZEE5 2 months for only INR 99. That’s like cheaper than a movie ticket, that gives us access to its massive library of great content across different languages. So, I would definitely suggest you give it a try and decide.

If you are looking for a light-hearted fun show, Babbar ka Tabbar on ZEE5 is the perfect family entertainer, I bet you will have a gala time watching the show.