Imagine this! It’s 9 AM when you walk into your workplace and your colleagues start dispersing here and there because you smell like a fish. Well, taking a shower each morning with a medicated soap is a must for you and so is stocking up on some nice and fragrant deos and perfumes ​to amp your fragrance game this summer. Here is a list of 5 perfumes and deo sprays that you can buy..

#1 Davidoff Men Cool Water Body Spray
Price: INR 1125
This one is for men as they generally have a stronger body smell. This deo has a fresh, crisp and aquatic fragrance and is quite different from the regular fragrances that men have to stick to.
Top Notes: Intense freshness with peppermint and lavender
Core Notes : Spicy coriander, jasmine, oak moss and geranium
Base Notes : Warm and sensual flow of amber and musk
#2 Layerr Wottagirl Women Secret Crush Fragrant Body Spray
Price: INR 189
Now coming to the second fragrance that is exclusively for the ladies! First of all, this is very reasonably priced and totally worth every single penny spend. Layerr Wottagirl Secret Crush Fragrant body splash deo body spray has predominantly citrus notes of Oranges and Lemons with hints of floral notes like that of Jasmine.
#3 Nivea Women Freshpetal & Care Body Deodorizer
Price: INR 250
This one from Nivea is a pleasant, floral scent that predominantly includes notes of fresh Jasmine. This deo spray claims of giving you all day long body odour control with a single spray. The key features of this one is that it has a gas-free deodorizing formula and has been enriched with Provitamin B5 extracts that keep your skin hydrated.
#4 SKINN by Titan Unisex Raw & Celeste Eau De Parfum 100 ml
Price: INR 2195
As this perfume comes in a combo set, it can be used by both men and women. The balance of the fragrance notes is not overpowering but rather invigorating.
● Raw: This one has been blended by the celebrated French perfumer Olivier Pescheux. It
has a distinct and refreshing aroma.
● Celestie: This created by perfumer Harry Fremont. It is for women and it has a certain
sweetness associated with it. This combo set makes for a great gifting option as well.
#5 Biotique Fragrance Blissful Lavender Eau De Toilette
Price: INR 699
Biotique is a responsible brand that has been into nature based skincare and hair care products for a long time. They have recently launched their fragrances. The Biotique Fragrance Blissful Lavender Eau De Toilette has wonderful notes of Lemon, Cedarwood, Lavender oils and Himalayan Water.

So, these were our top 5 picks for the fragrances that you can flaunt this summer season. Right now, Myntra is offering some awesome discounts on all these products so, hurry up and stock up now!