Not much needs to be added to the importance of Bhagvad Gita it is one of the greatest book on religions that suits people from all caste, creed, religion or walks of life. This book has stood firmly by all the tests of time. I have always seen the elders at my place reading this book by placing it on wooden book stand. It is the most sacred books and was placed in the place of worship and was supposed to be read with clean body and soul. Having said the above and going by the beauty of this book it is must read for all. The original book is in Sanskrit that cannot be read by all thus there are various translations of the book available.

One of the best translation of the epic book that will hit the market by end of June is by Vijay Singhal ( , he is an eminent author in the field of religion and spirituality. The name of the book is “Saying it The Simple Way”- Bhagvad Gita and as the name goes the book is true to it word by word.

On the technical aspect it the book has Gita shlokas in the original form,at along with the translation of it in Hindi and English to make it more palatable for all readers. Additionally the difficult words and ideas have been beautifully and in simple language have been explained. Explanations have been done short collaborations in brackets along with the shlokas. The author has written the book after stepping in the shoes of the readers. This is what has made the book all the more delectable to be in your reading bucket list.

What will intoxicate you in the book is the clarity of thoughts along with beautiful images that compliment them. The book will surely detox you with words and the images. A perfect option for gifting and for today’s generation it is a must read thus all the libraries and book stores need to have in the shelves.

One of the sholkas from the book that has touched me as follows:
“Yo na hrsyati na dvesti
Na socati na kanksati
Bhaktiman yah sa me priyah”

English translation of the same:

One who neither rejoices nor grieves, who neither laments not desires, and Who renounces both auspicious and in auspicious things—– such a devotee is dear to me.

The above sholka gives you insight as how to live the life that will bring immense contentment and pure joy to you. Today in spite of having achieved so much we are not happy and the key of happiness lies in the above shloka. If he loses something he is not sad and because when he gains something it does not bring happiness to him. It is deep thought and this book when you incorporate it in your reading will help you to grasp all the positive points and help you lead a life that is above the average and will bring you closer to the Supreme power and importantly to yourself.

I highly recommend this book to one and all for better quality of living.