5 Perfect red dresses for a romantic date

Red is the colour of love and it makes you feel beautiful within. Be it a red lipstick or mini dress, the colour has the charm to make everything look truly a diva. Your wardrobe collection is incomplete without a red colour dress. Whether you’re going for a Christmas party or a romantic date with that hot colleague of yours, red will always make sure that everything goes right your way. The red dress can do wonders for you and make you feel above the world. The guy you’re on a date with will be awestruck by your beauty. You can go for bodycon dresses or any other in colour red and feel like the queen of this world. Get the light and right make up and kill your guy with your beautiful curves and pretty smile.Read more

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What is unusual that you see a person without cell phone. Every single person has a cell phone be it the normal keypad phone or a smart phone of old or new model. These devices have completely changed our lives and the way we communicate. It presents us the easy modes to communicate that are cheap also. Sending text messages, reading emails, playing games, reading and editing documents all has become so easy and comfortable. It would not be an exaggeration to comment that if leave home without a wallet it is manageable but moving out without a cell phone is so difficult. Invention of cell phone is definitely the most phenomenal inventions of the modern age.

We all our addicted to the cell phone and any addiction is bad. Several researches have been conducted about the side effects of cell phone. They are blamed to hinder human relations. They reveal too much of information that can be harmful. They have ended being instruments of constant interruptions. There has been increase in accident cases due to the usage of cell phones. Memory and brain health is adversely affected by cell phone usage. The list goes on and on and all of adversities is listed on the cell phone. However there are certain things about the cell phone that in spite of being a nuisance we cannot do without them.

Getting to the importance of cell phone here area few points:

1] THEY MAKE COMMUNICATION WITH FAMILY, FRIENDS AND COLLEAGUES A LOT EASIER- Consider those old times when there was one telephone in the entire village how would you communicate with your loved ones. Moving ahead in time we reached the phase when there were cell phones in each house still if a family member was out communicating with them was difficult. Today once your loved one is out of your sight even miles away you can easily communicate with them. Be it bad weather or any worry you can easily connect to them with the help of this little master. Many of our worries gets sorted all because of this cell phone.

2] THEY COMBINE THE GOODNESS OF NUMEROUS USEFUL APPLICATION IN A SINGLE DEVICE: Think of the days when going for an outing you had to carry wallet full of cash in order to avoid any shortage, but with the fear of theft, a camera good music system, some books and magazines and buying the  newspaper on daily basis to keep yourself updated, a tour guide of the place still there were things like the daily news or release of new movie that you had to miss. Now when planning to travel all you need is a cell phone. It facilitates cashless economy, thus no need to carry so much of cash, apps to predict the weather, inform of the latest news or read books or still better watch the full movie. A mobile comprises of everything. Apps help to book hotels, read the news or search best locations or famous shops of the place. Is not this cool and money saving option.

3] USEFUL IN EMERGENCY SITUATIONS- Cell phones do not provide any guarantee but they can be of immense help in situations of emergency. Suppose you see a lady who has met accident on the road all you need to do is use her cell phone and contact her family members. Without cell phone this situation would have been so difficult to handle. How to about the whereabouts of the person and how to proceed all this would have been so chaotic.

4]EASE YOUR WORK- Earlier to pay bills of electricity or phone or to book tickets you had stand in queue for such long hours and waste so much of time. There was a situation where you had gone out for your favorite blockbuster and in spit of standing in the line for an hour you could not get the tickets. Wastage of time and resources. With the cell phone you can pay your bills at a go and book the tickets from the comfort of your home. Easy and quick. Shop vegetables, groceries or even clothes from the comfort of your home from any country of your choice that too at the time you wish to do so.

I completely believe that it is one of the biggest boons that the world has ever seen. And all I can say is that haters will hate, so what is your take on this?


The Annoying Advice Always Receive

We live in a world where everyone has some advice to give it to others. Be it eating healthy or settling in life, people will bombard you with useless and junk advice everywhere. Some people prefer to dig their nose into other’s business and they considered themselves only on earth with brains. But, it is majorly the other way round which they fail to understand every time.

The world is filled with idiots only a sensible set of people roam around who prefer to mind their own business. An advice and loan should never be given to others unless it is asked for. Several people fail to understand this common thing.

Here is The Annoying Advice Everyone Gave Me, and it was totally at random place.

1. When will you get married?

Really? Why should I answer you? Are you going to pay for the wedding outfit or for the food? Okay, at least are you going to sponsor for my honeymoon trip??.I guess this is the most common advice each and every girl receives on their graduation day or after finishing education. The total number of congratulation messages are unfortunately less.
2. Watch what you eat else you will put on weight
I mean how does it bother anyone. I think nobody should question me unless I am literally taking the food from their plate. Being a grownup adult, it is very obvious for me to have a bigger appetite. In fact, I love to enjoy and eat each dish. It is just me and i serious get annoyed when someone advised me to watch what I eat. Not buying your piece of crap.

3. When are you going to have kids?
I have literally stabbed those people in my mind some 100 times who have asked this question. If it is for some close friend of mine, I answer them “until we run out of our condom stocks”. It is totally my husband and my choice to start a family, why should I even tell you about my personal things? We will start when we are ready. Anyway, you are never going to pay the hefty school fee of my child .. right ?? any sponsors there ??

4. Breastfeeding is the best way to lose the baby weight
Oh, this is my favorite when it comes to annoying advice. After breastfeeding my child, I eat like a hungry pig and I actually gained a huge weight . I was only eating almost everything on earth. This is the worst advice for those ladies who cannot breastfeed their little one. weight loss is only possible with clean eating and proper exercises, we all need to face the reality.

5. Parenting advice

First people advice you with different conception methods and then they want to take classes on parent and upbringing your child too. They advise you on everything starting from feeling, bathing, peeing, pooing and what not. I don’t know from where they have actually gain all the knowledge . I think some people got advice for every parenting need and they can gladly write a book.

We all must be surrounded by those advisers who volunteer themselves to sort out all your issues in no time with their golden advice, but my sincere advice to them is please stay away, we actually are not interested in your peace of advice.