Environment affects the human beings and their way of living life. The air we breathe, the water we drink all these influence our behavior and efficiency to a very great extent. Close your eyes and try to relax while visualizing a landscape in your mind. Yes we all see a green lush meadow, clear blue sky and crystal clear flowing water. Coils even imagine a tree with brown leaves or air filled with smog and water from river full of garbage and dirty in color. The answer is absolute no. The benefits of relaxed mind is well known you are full of zeal and enthusiasm enjoying every bit of life and spreading smiles everywhere. On the other hand a dull gloomy environment has the same impact on you, you look dull and tired and are irritated at the slightest noise and movement.

You are well aware of the difference between the two environment and have a clear preference for the clean and pollution free environment. Places that have clean environment affect the lives of the people and the way they deal with the situations, the way we connect with people and interact with them. A clean and happy environment contributes to happiness of the people around and has effect on the health also. The medical expenses are directly related to the levels of pollution in the area.

We live on the planet Earth and use the resources from here. We are a part of the ecosystem where the act of one has the potential to affect many. This is a very informative line and can be a boon or curse, depending directly on the action. Our actions have polluted the environment and we are waking up to it. The best fact is that positive efforts are being made to contribute towards a greener environment and this leads to healing a ripple effect. We can join hands and start different drives to still save what we have and contribute towards a greener and cleaner environment for the future generations and try to stop the unrest that is in the people due to this environmental pollution.

Delhi and NCR, the most polluted city of the world, for many years this has been the ranking that makes any Delhi person way to sad. However the ray of hope amidst all this horrifying news was the joined efforts from the governments, NGOs, local bodies and the public towards the betterment of the environment. It is a long term process and will take time to achieve the targeted results. Slowly and steadily we are moving on the right track paving way for healthier environment.

Several green campaigns are being run to eliminate pollution from the environment. Taking action on each level is necessary to bring the change. The call of the hour is to be the change, and bring the change. People residing in the
area should first try to make changes at the ground level, the changes that are being taken in Delhi are as follows:

Using as many cars as needed, trying to avoid any useless usage of cars, opting the use of public mode of transport, going for carpool are small measures that can be taken. You should implement this and try to educate people around you about this.

Planting more of trees and avoiding wastage of resources and using paper to the fullest. Acs and microwaves should be used in limits. Burning of garbage should be completely discouraged. Promote usage of solar power as it is better for the environment. Using vehicles that run on bio-gas.

All are aware of the steps that need to be taken and residents of Delhi are implementing it with a positive note and we wish for a cleaner and pollution free environment. A bigger contribution from our side towards a better and cleaner environment this year was the Diwali celebration. This year Delhi witnessed a cracker less Diwali, an initiative by the government but supported by all. We celebrated Diwali in its true sense and enjoyed by all. #CelebrateSuper!