Motherhood is an amazing journey which transforms you both inside and out. The feeling of being pregnant is beyond explanation. Everyone wants to have a beautiful pregnancy journey, people love to create memories in the form of photo shoots, preserving the medical reports, saving scan copies , writing down notes and what not. You may get irrelevant pregnancy cravings too, few mothers are very creative during their entire journey. Some may be the victim of nausea and vomiting, but for every woman, the journey is surely an unforgettable one.

Each one of us wants to keep one thing or the other associated with pregnancy as a namesake. This is one memory which every mother wants to cherish forever. In the book Emotions And Elation, Meet Banani Das Dhar opens about her pregnancy journey. I can totally relate to those mood swings, baby, and the roller coaster ride. Motherhood is a journey which everyone wants to enjoy at least once in their lifetime. There is the huge rush of emotions, feelings, and relations. The name “Emotions and Elation “totally justifies.

Meet Banani Das Dhar is the founder of digital magazine BananiVista, she is a multi talented wonder woman who beautifully balances her work and motherhood. In this book Emotions And Elation, she has documented all the beautiful memories of childhood, her experiences, and journey in the form of travelogues.

The book is the best way to relieve your pregnancy journey. You can relate a lot to this book, the hair, skin texture, and lovely baby bump. Everything is taken into a roller coaster ride during the entire pregnancy. It is basically a journal which every mom to be can relate to.

Banani is a person full of positive energy, this is a must-read for all ladies who are planning for a baby. And also mommies to be would love to read t because they can really relate a lot. This would be an interesting read for all those who are travelling on parenting boat. It is the best option to travel down the memories. This book is not only for mothers, even the daddy to be would love to read a different write-up.

Banani Das Dhar is truly excited and feels content about her work. I wish her all the very best for sharing her amazing story. If you want to grab your copy of Emotions and Elation check out amazon.in

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