Lyra swimwear

How do you find modest swimwear that is crafted well, affordable and fashionable at the same time? You will get an answer to this from women who love to swim or are interested to learn swimming. Women know exactly what they want. Therefore, when a woman designs and markets a particular product strictly for women, success is to come.

Lyra is a business owned by women

A woman who wants to enjoy the beach, the pool and all kinds of water sports and have a lot of fun in the waters, can opt for this modest swimwear that has been launched by LYRA in the year 2016.The primary goal of the founder of this company was to provide leisure wear for women who need the modesty of a burkini while still keeping a fashionable, comfortable and trendy style.

Get the most modest swimwear and more

The most modest swimwear and other similar garments are described below:

LYRA Kaftan

This is quite a modest swimwear and this, along with Hijabs, Sarongs, and Kaftans can make a day at the beach quite comfortable and fun. Since this is quite modest swimwear, you will no longer be self-conscious about your outfit. You can enjoy the surf, play ball or even take a stroll on the water’s edge quite decently dressed and enjoy the sun. Apart from the swimwear, the LYRA brand also offers elegant kaftans that are made with 100% Viscous fabric, turban style head covering, Boho chic maxi dresses in flowing A-Line design leggings, and many more.

LYRA Wrap Hijab

It’s not just the fashion design and the variety that makes the LYRA brand so special. Each LYRA swimsuit passes through 11 production stages to ensure that the quality of the material is truly unmatched. Each element that includes the buttons, zippers, etc. are carefully selected for each design and some of these parts are also hand-stitched. Today, the burkini is much more than a fashion trend. This is a leisure wear that is here to stay for a longer time. LYRA Swim provides the most modest, fashionable and ethically manufactured garments for all women.

Enjoy the weather with the exceptional bukinis and swimwear of Lyra

Trendy burkinis are ideal for those who like to dress up in a modest style. You can also pair the bukinis with stylish slippers and hats. You can select slippers and a hat as per the colour of the swimsuit. You also have the option to wear these products with comfortable slippers or some banded slippers. If you are wearing a headscarf, wear this swimwear under scarves and shawls. You can also ensure that the colors of the slippers and hats match the colours of the swimsuit. 

LYRA SWIM has also recently launched its new earth-inspired swimwear collection that features some of the most timeless palettes that channel and celebrates the vibrancy of the great outdoors. The new earthy-toned range also offers their best-selling Sofia design in more than 5 new exciting shades that include, Blue, Khaki, Pink, Maroon and Slate. Each of these shades also bears a close association with the earth. This allows its wearers to connect to their surroundings irrespective of whether it is a beach, lake, river or any other natural surrounding that holds the bodies. 

You will get full coverage modest swimsuits at Lyra at quite an affordable price

The burkinis are available in a wide variety of colours and designs. These are quite reasonably priced. You can also choose what you need among the burkinis, as there are several options available to suit all budgets. The quality of the fabric and the design features also occupy the most prominent place among the items that influence the prices of the swimwear. The price range for a modest swimsuit having a straight cut might vary from an embroidered one. 


Women have been facing a lot of problems in selecting the right swimwear. It was for this reason that the brand was created. They aim at making the wearer comfortable while staying fashionable at the same time.