Entertains me

During the COVID, I was stuck at home and had nothing to do. It is at that time, when I started playing Solitaire. I loved it the first time I played. Then I started playing it every alternate day. Now it has become a part of my life and I cannot imagine a life without playing this game. This game has changed my entire life completely. I can play it anytime I want.

Here are a few reasons as to why I started to play this game

The best thing that I liked about this game, is that, it absolutely has no hassles associated with it

When I started playing this, I found that it was too discreet. I started playing this game, when I used to get bored and some of the interesting features of this game really kept me hooked to it. The best part is that I also did not have to deal with the hassles of the card for every new game.

Playing this soothed my mind

When I played this game, my mind entered into a light meditative state. When I play other games, I have to focus much more and also have to apply my brains. But this is, however, not the case with solitaire. I feel quite relaxed when I play this game. This game triggers a soft mental activity that relaxes the brain and removes stress. 

Entertains me

There is no risk in this game. Solitaire can also be quite entertaining and remove your boredom completely. The best part is that it would also not ever create any sense of frustration or failure. This is because, even if when I make a mistake in this game, it might not lead to you losing the game. 

The mistake might condition the transfer of a card and will not affect the display on the tableau completely. I might also have to rethink the sequences in place or might have to begin a new one to create an opening for the card that might be retained due to the wrong move.

I find this game the best when I want to spend some time alone

With the solitaire I got some excellent opportunity to spend some time all by myself. I found playing this game very simple and therefore, it created the right atmosphere for me and helped me to disconnect myself completely from the world and the problems.

Helps in improving my memory

Not that, you need good memory to play this game but playing this game helps in improving the memory skills. With time, I found that there was a big improvement in my memory. I am now able to retain a lot of things in my mind for a very long period of time. I performed the simple tasks in the game and each time, I felt that my memory has improved.


This is one of the best games, and since I have experienced its advantages, I would recommend everyone to play this particular game.