I am very overwhelmed when I see the bonding between my husband and daughter. For me, my father was my #SuperHero. My daughter believes very much in superpowers and thrilling stories, she considered my husband as superman.

She feels her father is the only one person on earth who can solve all the issues and problem. This is the reality, a single hug from my husband can make my daughter feel super awesome and bring a cute smile on her face. She feels great when she is with her dad. I love the bond between them. I can totally relate to it.

Every evening when the clock struck 7, I can see a sudden happiness on my daughter’s face. She happily waits for her father just like the way I used to do before 25 years. There are some rare occasions when my husband comes home late, but still, my daughter makes sure that she at least has her night milk along with her. I find this to be the cutest way of bonding, surprisingly I used to do the same, and she surely has got this habit from me.

Even after a small argument or a tiff with mommy I was the first person to receive dad and complaint about the entire thing to him. My daughter has moved one step ahead, after a small tiff with me, she directly gives a call to my husband and begins the complaining part. I find it really funny, I truly agree that the bond is forever. It brings a smile to my face and my heart is filled with beautiful memories of my childhood.

No matter how much I spend time with my mother, the bond between me and my father had a special place in my heart. I adore when my husband feeds my daughter, even today when I visit my parents my father does the same. Isn’t it pure love which has no boundaries and restrictions?

I desperately used to wait for summer holidays and Sundays, this was the only opportunity for me to spend a quality time with my father, and I can notice my daughter also waiting for it. She has recently learned weekdays, every day she would ask me when Sunday is coming so that we can go out with dad and have some outing together. She loves shopping and movie time with her dad, she always makes sure she sits next to her father like I used to do in the movie hall.

Generation can change but the both between father and daughter is pure and remains unaffected. Even today after 8 years of marriage whenever I visit my parents, my father loves to bring all my favorites cookies, chocolates, and sweets. I totally cherish the way my husband and daughter bond with each other, they really gel up very well. The bond between daughter and father is forever, the time flies and generation changes but the bonding remains intact.

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