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Many people are hesitant to talk about periods. Meaning we have reached the moon but cannot talk about Periods. And this is the reason why boys do not know the important things about periods because many girls can’t discuss about periods. But listen carefully – if you talk to your life partner or your boyfriend about this and explain them well, then this is going to be the most successful for you. I give you my own example. I explained my husband very well – like what periods are, how often we live during this and the pain we endure. Now its advantage is that every month when periods are there, I do not have to tell them how much in pain I’m and how much rest I want?

The first day means extreme pain in periods

1. The first day means extreme pain

You must have girls saying in the sad tone that today is my first day. Now what is the first day of periods and what things should boys to be given most attention on the first day. Look, the first day of the Period could mean excruciating pain. Some girls have a little less pain; some have a lot of pain. But these cramps spoil their condition on the first day. So try to allow your girlfriend or wife to relax more on the first day of the periods. Maybe you are not sure, but the pain is so high that girls do not even stand up. So this is the meaning of the first day – Extreme pain

Your little love and tea-coffee / meal

2.Your little love and tea-coffee / meals

You do not necessarily have to be a partner of each other. If you find out that your team member is going through periods , then you can offer them tea-coffee. It does not mean that you ask him to take a coffee date. You can bring tea or coffee to her or some of her sweet favorites. Now the turn comes partner – you make him tea and coffee in your own day during the day. Try if you can take the responsibility of making food that day or one day food can be ordered from outside or if there are more members in your house then give them the responsibility to cook for 1-2 days. Your tea / coffee cup can create magic. Try it sometimes.

You are not the first girl, whose periods have come

3. Never use these Dialogue

Often I have heard many people say, “You are not the first girl, whose periods have come. Every month you have these, so far you should get used to it. ”
On one hand, my husband also said this thing and then I explained it comfortably to him. Now he pampers me every month. No doubt we have become use to periods but not the pain that comes with it. You suffer from headache or abdominal pain in life- but pain is more and more every time. It is not like you suffer from headache twice a month so after a while there will be no pan in the headache. One gets used to the routine occurrence of periods every month but no one can get used to the pain. Pain is pain, no matter how used to the routine u get.

During periods it should be all love and affection

4. During periods it should be all love and affection

Before the arrival of and during period girls have many mood swings. I know our mood swings are a way of life, but during this time things are a little hyped. Getting irritated on little things, feeling low and getting angry quickly – very common during periods. Try to make this time a little more good and loving. This will be great for your relationship.

Read a little more about Periods or discuss with your partner

5. Read a little more about Periods or discuss with your partner

The more you read about this, the more information you have about it. If you’ve doubt about something, then discuss this with your partner. Try to help her as much as you can during periods. Whether it is to bring sanitary pads, to make tea, to cook, to be treated with love, to ignore our mood swings. When everything about the world can be talked about, why not periods.


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