How To Start Your Blog at $1 With MilesWeb Managed WordPress Hosting

WordPress, as we all know is a very powerful website creation and blogging tool. This is an Open Source Content Management System which is widely used by millions of people around the world.

The user-friendly interface of WordPress is the major advantage of its success around the world. It is a free blogging or website creation platform that has a lot of templates, themes, plugins and extensions. WordPress is the most recommended tool for beginners and website owners too. By using WordPress you get to have complete control over your website and can be hosted on your own server.

How To Start Your Blog at $1 With MilesWeb Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress Hosting is necessary because it multiplies the running time and increases uptime for your website. MilesWeb is one such hosting company that solely aims to develop your website administration. Additionally, your client too gets a fast running time when they access your website. MilesWeb has introduced several benefits for making your WordPress faster than ever. It is also the best hosting company for WordPress in India. Not only WordPress, but the shared hosting by MilesWeb is also notably one of the cheapest hosting services.

With MilesWeb you can get the most affordable Managed WordPress Hosting like never before. You may be a beginner in blogging or your WordPress may be a large business site with high traffic but you will be stunned by the cheapest WordPress Hosting from MilesWeb. You can get hosting for your WordPress in just Rs.69 per month or just at 1 USD per month. That seems to be very exciting, but how is it possible and what are the features. Here are the details.

The Jetpack Premium/Professional

MilesWeb incorporates Jetpack Professional as well as Premium for the WordPress Hosting. This is not found in most of the other hosting companies. This makes MilesWeb substantially cheap and effective. The benefits of Jetpack is endless. Whenever we think about a website, the layout and the design only flashes in our minds. It is one of the main aspects that you need to take great concern while launching a website. Your website should be understandable, pleasant and attractive. This design will also carry the brand and logo of your company. The intervention of Jetpack with WordPress Hosting will now give you 200+ web templates to choose from. You can choose a professional theme, allow preview and activate it very quickly.

Jetpack is the most highlighted feature of MilesWeb as it has multiple utilities. This allows you to design, market and secure, all in one for your WordPress site. This means that you get to display only quality ads, enable auto-social sharing and re-sharing, secure your site from spam, plug-in auto updates and more.

Jetpack is the most highlighted feature of MilesWeb

Other prominent features

Jetpack being the most embraced aspect, there are many other feature MilesWeb will be providing you. Here is a list of the other important features.

Automated WordPress updates: With MilesWeb hosting, you need not do any manual updates because the back-end software does them automatically for you.
Super-Fast SSD storage: Get the high-performance disk storage that is essential for your website.
Server level caching: With Litespeed cache, you need not manage those complex cache anymore.
Pre-installed and pre-configured WordPress: Installation of WordPress is done prior so that you get endless themes and better site management.
 Free SSL security:
All your data is completely safe during the transfer process because of this SSL security certificate.
Secure E-mail: Create unlimited e-mail addresses and get extended support for mail forwarding, e-mail aliases and auto-responder.
Quick provisioning: Enjoy super-fast scaling for hosting WordPress. This is possible because of MilesWeb’s spectacular cloud architecture.

Another amazing feature is that MilesWeb can migrate all your data from your current server to their server within 24 hours. There are many other features that are yet to be experienced by you.

The technical features

Technical features are what most people look for before engaging with WordPress Hosting. MilesWeb has all the necessary technical features needed for the server connections.
 Default HTTPS
 Cloudflare Railgun availability
 GZIP/Brotli Compression
 Easy SFTP access
 24/7 WordPress support by professionals
 Advanced WP-CLI
 Daily backup options
 Integrated services for CDN
 Cloning and caching
 Server Side optimizations

WordPress Hosting plugins by MilesWeb

MilesWeb has announced exciting discounts on all the plans for their managed WordPress Hosting plans. There are three plans for which you get to enjoy the free version of Jetpack alone with a discount of 50% each. Here are the details.

MilesWeb has announced exciting discounts on all the plans for their managed WordPress Hosting plans. There are three plans for which you get to enjoy the free version of Jetpack alone with a discount of 50% each. Here are the details.

Ace Plan:

You can now buy Ace plan at $1 or Rs.69 for a month and start your own blog or website. This will include hosting for one website, 1GB SSD disk space, 5GB bandwidth, free SSL security certificate and the Jetpack free version. This is all you need for launching your own blog or website with MilesWeb Managed WordPress hosting.

Without the 50% discount, this plan would cost Rs. 138 but now you can buy this at Rs. 69.

Heart Plan:

Buy this exciting plan at Rs. 210 per month and get to host one website, unlimited SSD disk space, Bandwidth and seamless e-mail accounts. Along with this, you get your own Lifetime Free Domain. A free version Jetpack and free SSL certificate for hosting one WordPress website are available with this plan.

Diamond Plan:

This plan costs Rs. 490 per month and you can host 3 websites, get a lifetime free domain, unlimited bandwidth, e-mail accounts and disk space. Enjoy the free version of Jetpack, free SSL certificate also.

These are the plans where you get a free version of Jetpack. There are 3 other plans called the Jack, Queen and the King. You get a 20% discount on these too. In the Jack and Queen plugin, Jetpack Premium plugin is available. For the King plan which has the highest features, you can get Jetpack Professional plugin.

Thus, when you buy the Ace Plan, you are totally ready to start a blog at just $1 with then MilesWeb Managed WordPress Hosting. MilesWeb offers hosting at such affordable prices because there are no data migration charges, no hidden charges and no minimum periods of contract.