The doting daughter of your in laws and your husband’s sister, are of different types and can be categorized as per that. There are the sweet ones or the devil ones or with some rare quality. How so ever she may be is an integral part of your life and influences you in spite of not being your blood relative.

The different types of sister in law are as follows I hope you identify your sister in law with one of them.

1] The James Bond type: The most commonly found category of sister in law. These can be married but mostly it is the unmarried ones who belong to this troupe. She spies each and every moment of your life and could have been very easily admitted in the team of CBI for her spying skills. She watches you day and night and reports to your mother in law. You mother in law goes out of the house entrusting her the task of spying. You need to be extra cautious with these kind of sister in laws.

2] The one who fights for equal rights: This is the real cunning breed who plays the emotional cards to get all that you have example the new cell phone or the expensive watch or for that matter the latest rose gold neck piece. The best part is she manipulates and gets what she desires either new or what belonged to you.

3] The cribbing one- Well she is one of her kind, she has to point out or create some problem with everything you do. The food is never properly cooked, you are never aptly dressed, the house is not clean enough or your behavior was not good anything and everything is has some problem as per her views on it.

4] The neutral ones- Or let us put it like the diplomatic one, she maintains a balanced approach. She is friendly towards you but not very imposing, she pays visits but never involves herself in the personal matters of your or family. She is not biased towards either your in laws or your.

5] Friendly companion- You are blessed to have this type of sister in law and if you have this type of sister in law then you are indeed blessed. She is loving and caring, and it would not be an exaggeration that you cannot differentiate
between her and your own sister. You guys have plans together and she is always a big help for you.

6] The complain box- This category of sister in laws always have some complain and as they meet you the list of complains begin they have complains with their in laws, distant relatives, neighbor and any person they have met. You can only resort to silence as she continues to open her complain box as you also fall in the same situation as her in her maternal home.

7] The jet set go sister in law- The Hercules of her family always rushing to reachno where. As soon as she enters claims about her super busy schedule and spends some good hours doing the same. She has no such busy schedule but has delusions of being so busy and stuck in life.

8] The Judge- She is the one who could become the Judge, has good analytical powers and is all ears to both the parties and can be a big help to solve any issues. Her decisions are accepted by all and she has a practical view point.

9] The Princess- The princess of the house as soon as she enters the house she starts to give orders. She wants to get all at the comfort of her bed. She keeps calling you and keeps ordering the idea is to keep you busy and show her
supremacy and control over the house.

10] The constant borrower- Well this is an interesting and irritating category. She will need each and every thing from you in spite of the fact that her cabinets are full of stuff still she prefers your stuff over hers. However she never bothers to return them.

Mine is a combination of few of the traits, yours is pure or mixed but please
share your sister in law’s category.