In India woman are associated with kitchen or Rosoi ghar and with the food they prepare, from Sita to Draupadi and from Draupadi to Us. We are always received a privilege to satisfy someone’s hunger.

In sanskrit their is a saying ” Atithi devo bhavo” it means guests with same respect of God, serving good food for householder’s kitchen is the gesture of showing a sense of respect.

The ancient kitchen,

Since childhood I have noticed my Grandmother happiness from seeing people’s eyes when they eat the food she have cooked, she used to say that this is a feeling which light up someone’s soul with something she prepared that is a privilege and an honor.

If we talk about history taking first example of Satya Yuga during exile in the forest Sita used to prepare food for Ram and Lakshman in many different places while wondering, so today is South India we find many places famous as “Sita ki Rasoi” as many of us know her expertise in cultivating spices and herbs which she also may use in her cooking skills. Taking one more example of Draupadi which was not only boon by regain virginity and purity but also for her endless supply from a vessel ( big platter), during pilgrimage Pandav were lucky to have endless supply of food served by Draupadi in her thaali or big platter. “Draupadi ki thaali” is still famous in North India.

Today’s woman having a busy schedule and packed life style we have just manipulate the ancient recipe in our own trendy way but the aroma of happy time always stays.

There is a saying ” No one forget their first biryani “. In every Indian kitchen is a place of worship, and you can smell the history with the food which we are still connect… stories from Grandmother’s their knowledge of spices, flavour, acidity, sweetness and texture, how every grain of rice is cooked so perfectly.

Food served by every Indian women is a expression of her generosity