PM Announced:
Our PM has advised ‘Janta Curfew’ on 22nd March, Sunday from 7 AM To 9 PM

Let’s all circulate this to the people who are not aware of the consequences and ask everyone to cooperate.
It’s my responsibility, it’s your responsibility!
let’s observe it in strict sense by followings.

a) Give leave to your maids/drivers

b) Do not come down in the common area of Society between 7am to 9pm

c) Spend time in your own house with your family

d) Assist your spouse in daily routine

e) Don’t send children down for playing

f) Social Distancing for the time being is actually Social Bonding for ever.

Observing a days restrain will help everyone for a long. It will also test our patience and strengthen the society at large.

Let’s fight COVID 19 (CORONA) with Full Strength & Commitment.

Appreciate the services rendered by ‘Civil Servants who are risking themselves while serving the society at large.
If you are an Employer, Business Leader, Decision Maker be soft with your subordinate staff in accommodating them at this critical time.
Stay Safe and Be a Responsible Citizen