Life is a mystery and constant journey that has phases. The beauty of life is not the destination but the journey.Many times I have heard people saying that my life is black and white or every decision in your life has two aspects black and white. No I disagree strongly, life is colorful and it is you who decides the color of your life.

Let us assume you desire to paint it grey, then it turns out to be dull and boring, add a splash of color to it, be it romantic red or the energetic orange or the lush green. Life is too short for not experiencing the beauty of colors. I am not against a color but it is the mix palette of color that attracts me. A monochromatic painting looks good for a while but thereafter your eyes start to look for something that has vibes of all the color.

One can say that too many colors or feelings may be too much to handle or grasp, is not life all about a learning expedition? You experiment and mix different colors bring different colors and create a rainbow for yourself.

#Coming to the tones of colors

Black a bad color no definitely not as much as it represents the bad or negatives things it also symbolizes secrecy in your life. One has to agree that color black teaches the most as it is the negative things that make you stronger and let you enjoy the other colors of life. Also it symbolizing secrecy shows that always revealing too much and in front of unwanted people may lead to serious consequences. Thus even black has significance in your life and that too important.

White a color that represents peace and harmony and also loneliness, a color that we desire yet we dread. We all desire that me time but when we get it we try to rush back to the pinks and blue of life and of course the red. Pink the cute little angel and blue the little man of your life.

And red is the backdrop of your canvas giving the extra shine to all the colors. Red color or the color of love adds meaning to your existence but the same is also the color of danger, the impending danger. Love takes you to heights but when shades of obsession and jealousy engulf it, it tends to be self-destructing.

Green the color prosperity has a special significance in your life as it inspires you to grow and provide shade and comfort to the ones who require it. Alarming is the color green as when you help others you are yourself exposed to the hazards.

All the colors are beautiful and add to the beauty of life. It is on us as to how we take the colors and involve them in our lives to make it a masterpiece!