I love playing games to kill my boredom and I totally enjoy playing games which deals with money and cash. It is like enjoying the thrills without burning a hole in my pockets. My personal favorite is games from Mortgage Calculator. These online games are not only fun to play but also super interesting and totally unique. You can spend your entire weekend playing these smart games. Here are top 3 games from Mortgage Calculator which is my all time favorite.

Grocery Cashier

This game is super fun to play and easy to master. This game help to keep me entertained, especially when I have to wait for someone or am traveling a long distance. It is a type of game in which we can practice addition and subtraction while also becoming familiar with money by operating a virtual cash register. This is a timed multi-process online cashier simulator game designed for both children and adults.

I calculate the total grocery bill, deduct it from the customer’s payment, and give the customer the exact change within the time limit. I will earn points for completely processing a customer’s grocery receipt. I’ll try to process as many customers as possible while maintaining the highest possible score. The best part about grocery cashier is that it is a one-player game, so I won’t have to worry about finding a second player.


Stocks is a clicker game with a stock performance price graph in which the goal is to day trade or speculate on a stock to capture price increases. I began with $500 and played for 30 days to liquidate my shares and earn as much profit as possible in a month. Play stocks if you’re looking for a stock market game where you can earn money. This game illustrates how there is a lot of random noise in short-term market movements, but it does not teach any fundamental or technical analysis.

I do well in the stock market because I don’t day trade but rather dollar cost average into index funds or hold positions for a long time. Because players can only trade one share at a time, it makes point to begin winding down holdings with a few days left so that we are not compelled to exit positions at low prices on the last days. This is the game’s specialty.

Real Estate Tycoon   

I have a lot of time on my hands but not much work to do to fill it. As a result, I get bored easily. In this case, I have a reliable way to keep myself occupied and entertained. I enjoy playing this game. It is a simplified game for children, but it helps us to manage our attention and track trends.

 As more expensive buildings appear, it is generally preferable to concentrate on tightly managing the entries and exits on a few large buildings rather than managing a portfolio of smaller and cheaper buildings that are difficult to track in aggregate due to our attention splits. Property prices fluctuate in Real Estate Tycoon. The goal of our strategy is to profit from the arbitrage of buying low and selling high. So, through this game, I learned how to buy properties and how sell properties.

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