Mother Sprash wipes

Words are not enough to explain how a mother feels when their baby growing up, smiles, stares and hits the milestones. It is the best experience for all the parents. I was waiting for a long time to see my daughter crawl. I heard from my elders that the baby usually crawls somewhere between 6-8 months. My little one was almost 7 months and didn’t show any signs of crawling. Being a mom, I was pretty worried by was hoping for some miracle to happen soon.

One fine day I was busy with my regular kitchen chores and suddenly I saw my daughter crawling towards me. The feeling was priceless, I could notice the tear of joy floating down through my cheeks. My mommy heart was extremely happy to see her crawling all her way towards me but on the other hand, my brain was sad because she was growing super-fast and I just wanted the time to stop.
my daughter first crawl

I would say crawling is a bittersweet moment in every parent life the baby becomes more independent and the mommy duty just doubles up. When my Angel started crawling it was a joyful site and she was extremely curious with her new-found mobility. All of a sudden, she was roaming everywhere in the house all by herself. With every day, her crawling speed improved. She will visit the wardrobe and pull all the things, make her way across the room and kitchen. I was proud and worried at the same time because cleaning the mess is really not an easy job.

My first-time experience with #Firsttimewaterwipes

mother sprash wipes

Mother Sparsh Wet Wipes

I recently started using mother Sparsh wet wipes for my baby, they are just not a regular piece of fabric soaked in some liquid. These wipes from Mother Sparsh are made from plant-based fabric and are 100 % free from polyester. The best part is the wet wipes don't have any chemical, alcohol or paraben in it.

The Mother Sparsh Wet Wipes are clinically proven and can be used for new born babies too. It contains 98% water and helps to maintain the pH balance of the delicate baby skin. It has additional ingredients like Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil, Aloe Vera which helps to retain moisture. I use the baby wipes to remove my makeup as well and it is made from pure water.

Moreover, the organic aloevera helps to moisturize the velvety baby soft skin and clean it gently. These wipes won’t cause an allergic reaction to the velvety baby skin as it doesn’t contain alcohol or paraben in it. The Mother Sparsh Wet wipes are 100 % biodegradable as it is made from plant fabric. Moreover, it helps to prevent diaper rashes and redness of skin.

I am very happy with the Mother Sparsh Wet wipes, I use it to clean my baby’s hand, feet, and bumps. The wipes are perfect to remove makeup too, it makes my skin super soft in no time. The price does not pinch the pocket as it is available for Rs 185, you get 80 wet wipes. In addition to it, the pack is travel-friendly and can be carried everywhere.

This post on my blog is sponsored by Mother Sparsh, but this is purely my experience and views.