My Experience with NanoNine Products

I have recently started reading a lot about the ill effects of plastic containers to store food. I was looking for a nice tiffin box for my husband, after a suggestion from my friend I came across NanoNine’s website. They have amazing stuff for kitchen ; starting from the lunch boxes to the water bottle, everything is made with high-quality stainless steel. I was astonished to see innovative kitchenware, here is the review of 3 amazing products which I bought from NanoNine.

Stainless Steel Mid-Day 4 Pack

My husband enjoys hot homemade food. I got this Stainless-Steel Mid-Day 4 Pack from NanoNine so that he enjoys his yummy and fresh lunch every day. Each steel box is well designed and is leakproof. A great choice for those who prepare to take proper lunch like roti, gravy, rice, and salad.

It is easy to wash and totally cool to carry for office as well. This stainless-Steel Mid-Day 4 Pack instantly got my attention, it is priced for only INR 1224. For the quality and look, the price is worth it. Moreover, The look is awesome, the blue colour pack looks nice and doesn’t get dirty too. The fabric is washable and ready to be used as a new one again.

Stainless Steel Cool Water Bottle

I was searching for a strong water bottle for my daughter, with kids it is difficult to manage plastic bottle. Moreover, it is not a safe choice for a growing kid. Hence, I order this cute Stainless-Steel Cool Water Bottle for my daughter. The best part is, it is a personalized water bottle, her name was printed on the bottle.

My daughter loved it to the core. Moms don’t need to be worried about mixing of water bottle anymore. It keeps the content of bottle cold and fresh for hours, summer is approaching and my daughter loves to gulp down only cold water. That is the only way to quench her thirst. Stainless Steel Cool Water Bottle does the job really well.

Haandi Serving Pot with Lid

I love to organize kitty parties and dinner parties for my family. Moreover, almost every weekend my house witnesses a dinner or lunch celebration, I feel this is the best way to enjoy the weekend. I was looking for a beautiful Haandi Serving Pot for the same, Haandi Serving Pot With Lid from NanoNine is my favourite now. The classic pot look is just amazing, it does the job well and the lid secures the food very well.

My verdict

All the product from NanoNine are awesome, you will be confused about what to choose and what to leave. I loved the exceptionally amazing stainless-steel quality; the products are sturdy and adds more beauty to your kitchen. It is the best place for all your kitchenware needs, they have got everything at a reasonable price. The delivery is timely. I loved the packaging; each product is neatly packed. If you want a kitchen makeover, NanoNine is the right place for you.