It is a universal fact or accepted fact that it is boys who are deemed to take the responsibility of parents. In the Indian society the birth of boy is celebrated and a girl is celebrated with a grudge in minds. Rather it will not be an exaggeration to say that almost 100% of the brides are blessed to have baby boys and not girls. A boy is considered as an investment or asset but girls nothing more than liability.
This is the dark truth or the naked face of our community. Just shouting about gender equality or closing your eyes to these matters will not change the situation. Female foeticide is rising just because of the fact that sons will support their parents at their old age whereas the daughters will go to another house where she will have a new life and new responsibilities, thus will be forced to neglect her parents.

In some families a son is needed to care parents but the fact is that it is not the son but daughter in law who takes the care of parents. Thus what implies here is that a couple desires to have a son so that he gets married brings home wife who takes care of his parents and turn her back to her parents. This is so unfair as children we are responsible for our parents. A son in law is also an integral part of family and should take care of his in laws as his wife fulfills the duty of caring for his parents.

I think the phase has come where we are a part of educated society and are matured enough and have the capabilities of bringing the change. Rather the fact is that we are the change. On bigger front it is not about a son taking care of his parents or not or his wife taking care of in laws or not. The point is that both the genders are equally responsible for their parents because our parents deserve this care and affection and we owe it to them. While upbringing a child of any gender the parents do not leave any stone unturned to give them the best possible resources, love, and affection. So in their second innings they deserve the same be it the parent of girl child or boy child.

Also as life partners we vow to stand together and by each other during happy times and tough times thus when we need to support our partners in fulfilling their responsibilities without keeping any grudge in our minds. Parents are parents and what we are is all because of them so take your responsibility and give them the best of care and love.

Let us strive to get up from these small mentality and lets strive towards a better future for ourselves, our kids and our parents. We need to work together as a team and take care of our parents. It is above the gender fight our parents are our responsibility that we need to fulfill by staying in harmony.