The name Sudoku is enough to bring a smile on my face, I have great memories attached to this brilliant game. I have literally played sudoku day and night during my entire pregnancy and I was definitely addicted to it, the moment we receive the morning newspaper, it was me who would grab the paper and get ready with pencil and eraser.With the time I became a huge fan or Sudoku game, for me, it is the perfect way to give some exercise to my brain. I feel refreshed and super energetic the entire day after solving the puzzle.

Sudoku is a wonderful mathematical puzzle which was invented by Leonhard Euler in 1783. It was initially called as magic squares in which every grid has a number or a particular symbol in each row or column. Later one, the grid got subdivided into 2 blocks of 9. Sudoku is not very popular in India but I have noticed that more people are getting attracted towards the game due to all its amazing merits.

Here are some advantages of planning Sudoku
1. Super stress buster
The game of Sudoku is both relaxing and challenging. You would find it extremely challenging during the initial days, as per your experience you can select the level and play it.

2. Focus
Sudoku is one of the most popular games which is very helpful for kids, it helps to boost the concentration power. In addition to it, the game of sudoku keeps your brain focused and increases the calmness, it keeps your brain sharp and relaxed. Apart from that, when you play Sudoku regularly, you can notice a drastic improvement in patience level too. The game of Sudoku  has similar power to that of meditation. Perfect for young minds who are majorly addicted to video games and mobile games.

3. Boosts Memory
When we use exciting puzzles, your logical capabilities also increases. Sudoku is one such game which helps to increase the memory power and also boosts logical thinking. As per research, it is the best way to cure health issues like dementia and Alzheimer’s. It highly reduces the side effects of it. When you play the Sudoku game, you can notice that your brain is very swift to understand the patterns and numbers. You can easily develop excellent problem-solving skills.

4. Can Pause the game as per your choice
Sudoku is a game which you can play anywhere and anytime. You can pause it and then can continue when you are free. In short, you don’t need to solve everything at once, you can take your sweet time and solve it. Isn’t that cool to find a game which happily pauses for you. After finishing the game, you would definitely feel a sense of accomplishment.

5.Cost Effective
Yeah!! you read it right, you don't need to pay even a single penny to play this game. It is totally available free of cost at Here. You can select the level and it also has the option of multiple players.