50 years ago, a large amount of parents were deprived of education and belongs to lower middle class family , But in spite of all the attempts these parents managed to survive and led their children towards higher education, some became doctors, engineers, Architect, professor, scientist and many other fields their children achieved the highest achievement. Those parents who helped their children  to succeed in life can be positioned to a “A” Class Category, these “A” class parents are very supportive and  hardworking, most of the parents went school bare foot, being at home they do used to do Farming to feed their family, bring drinking water to home after travelling a great distance, Children of these parents are used to help their parents in their daily jobs along with their routine studies, they also belongs to “A” class category of children with the spend of the time those a class category children became the B class parents

The reason behind becoming the B class category parents from A class children are mentioned below

  • Parent’s did taught their children to be as hardworking as they, they nurtured their children with lot of love and affection, and fulfill all their demands.
  • School Homework which were supposed to be done by their children were sufficed by the parents and this process continues from primary to higher secondary school.
  • Parents got their children admitted to most expensive school/college in their city. To travel at their school/colleges children got of facility car and driver all time ready available, this situation never made them realize how much effort their parents have undertaken while going to their school.
  • To meet the daily expenses children were provided packet money as per their demand, they were given freedom to go to club, movies hall, attend parties, without the consent of their parents and they were never restricted to spend money.
  • These children never provide domestic support to their parents nor even do they do any kind of job outside of home.
  • These children were served food on their dining table either by their parents or the helping staff at their home, even after having food they dint even put their dishware in the kitchen for washing, that also done by parents or helping staff.
  • These children never managed to build up the self and inner confidence because they never faced any warfare in their life, all work were shared by their parents on their behalf, they never got the opportunity to face the problem whether small or major, as their parents were standing beside them to act as a shield and guard them from any difficulty.

Being nurtured in such a way these “B”  class children becomes so much inefficient that they never get settled in their life even after attaining the age of 30 , they still remain dependable on their parents,

A severe gap has been created between the A class parents and B class parents,  A Class parents can manage to live their life smoothly in other case b class parents cannot take care of themselves and their children are least interest to take care their parents. The biggest problem with B class parents is that they don’t become so capable to do something for society. Children of these class wants to live independently, they don’t bother about their parents how they will survive after retirement, and these make the entire journey of parents a “HELL”

If you want your children to become A class category parents then do take care of the following points.


  • Don’t ever do love and affection beyond a certain limit, let them face their problem and handle the situation, that will build confidence in them.
  • Try to build confidence to make them strong so they could face any kind of situation without of your help that is possible when you let them face their problem personally, you just have to be a torchbearer for them, let them decide what should technique they should follow to solve their problem so they will manage to build self confidence.
  • Let them discover their inner self talent, what are they capable of, let them decide.
  • Always teach tem good lesson, teach them about your God you follow , teach them to respect elders,
  • Teach them their duty towards society, your country, world, and how to fulfill their duty, they should be given knowledge on these subjects.
  • After grown up they should not only become rich but also being social towards to society.
  • If your child follows discipline then only they can become a good citizen.