Hair fall has become a common phenomenon these days. With growing pollution, it is our hair that suffers a lot. There are many premium hair oils in the market. But it is a difficult task to choose the right one. Some claim to be paraben free but later result in hair loss. Some are too sticky and smells unpleasant. While others are just not right for our hairs. But with Satthwa Premium Hair Oil, we do not need to worry any more. It is 100% chemical free. The ingredients used in making this premium hair oil are:

 Castor oil
 Almond oil
 Coconut oil
 Grape seed oil
 Amla oil
 Emu oil
 Olive oil
 Jojoba oil
 Vitamin E

It has all the necessary minerals required for giving us healthy and beautiful hair. The oil is enriched with rich minerals like:

 Iron
 Calcium
 Vitamin K
 Magnesium
 Omega 6 and 9
 Lauric acid
 Ricinoleic acid

It has anti-dandruff properties, prevents hair fall and reduces greying of hair. This oil benefits one’s hair in ways more than one. It lives up to all the claims it gives. This oil will give you thicker and lustrous hair. The oil absorbs smoothly into the scalp and can be easily removed while washing the hair with shampoo. It has moisturizing properties along with which it cleans the scalp properly by unclogging the pores.

Satthwa means ‘pure’ in Sanskrit and it is pure to the core product. All the ingredients are used in their most natural and organic forms which actually makes a huge difference in the end result. The power of nine oils will work on every type of hair.

 The coconut oil in it will prevent dandruff and will make the hair thicker every passing day.
 The almond oil with its rich quality will smoothen cuticles and will also help in regulating
blood flow to the scalp.
 The castor oil, on the other hand, will stop split ends, premature greying and will also darken our hair.
 The amla oil is a natural conditioner.
 The emu oil will stimulate dormant hair follicles.
 The jojoba oil is enriched with antifungal qualities and will help in keeping the PH levels.
 The olive oil will make the hair smooth, soft and shiny.
 The grape seed oil with its high antioxidants quality will help in hair growth while the Vitamin E will reduce fizz due to its keratin strength.

Satthwa was introduced by Prashant, an entrepreneur who himself was fighting with hair loss problems. With extensive research, experiment and examination he came up with the right mix of certain oils which worked for his hair. After seeing the results himself, his purpose became to help others facing the problems that he did.


The Satthwa Premium Hair Oil comes in a classic, transparent plastic bottle with a white flip flop cap. The cap is quite firm which prevents the oil from spilling. The size is 100 ml which makes it extremely travel-friendly. You can put it in one corner of your bag and you will be good to go. The ingredients list and directions to use the oil are written on the back side of the bottle. The manufacturing and expiry details of the product are also mentioned along with the price which is Rs 599.


The Satthwa Premium Hair Oil is available on the website of Satthwa. Apart from that, it is also readily available on Flipkart and Amazon.