Irem Activated harcoal Facial Cleanser



Product description
Irem Daily Activated Charcoal Facial Cleanser helps rid the face of toxins, impurities, dirt, oil and grime by deeply penetrating the inner skin layer to help prevent breakouts.


TOP SELLER – Heard all the hype about our Charcoal Facial Cleanser? It helps to detoxify your skin, leaving your face feeling tighter, firmer and clearer! Embrace the superpowers of Charcoal – this is the perfect product to transform your skin.
CLEANSE AND PURIFY- The Activated Charcoal in Charcoal Facial Cleanser helps to remove toxins, dirt, oil and other harmful particles to the surface of the skin, helping to achieve a flawless complexion clear of blemishes.
DAY AND NIGHT- For best results, use morning and night as part of your daily cleansing routine. Gently massage into your face in an upward circular motion
ABSORBS EXCESS OIL: Ideal for oily skin, this charcoal cleanser naturally purifies pores and absorbs excess oil
INVIGORATING ALL NATURAL, GENTLE AND SAFE FACE CLEANSER WITH A SOFT CITRUS SCENT – leave your skin silky smooth; this lush, creamy cleanser is perfect for men and women to add to their daily skincare regimen, morning and night; with its anti aging and brightening ingredients, it helps smooth rough skin and fine wrinkles; best for all skin types and complexions including sensitive, oily and dry; non-irritating formula perfect for the whole family; adults, teens and children


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