Irem Deep Cleansing Facial Toner



Product description
It is helpful in Pore minimizing, Soothing and Hydrating. It contains Witch hazel, Aloe vera, Panthenol, Allantoin, Glycolic and more.

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Minimise pores, soothe, hydrate and protect enriched with witch hazel, glycolic, aloe vera extract, cucumber extract, vegetable glycerine, sodium lactate, allantoin, panthenol and urea, this helps in clearing eliminating excess oils, sebum and dirt particles from the skin. It helps in maintaining the healthy optimum moisture levels of the skin. It also helps in gentle exfoliation of the dead skin cells leaving skin toned and refreshed
Works for all skin types, a must have for oily and acne prone skin it helps in preventing and combating blackheads, pimples and skin impurities and restoring the skin’s balance. It helps in soothing irritated and inflamed skin and has an astringent effect to contract the pores. It improves the skins over all appearance
Perfect facial spray for everyday cleansing this makes a perfect facial spray helping in cleansing of the pollution, removal of dirt from the face leaving skin perfectly clean and refreshed. It is a perfect addition as pre-make up or pre-treatment cleanser
Nourish, balance, refresh and tone skin is freshened and toned with organic aloe and true witch hazel extract, nourished with nmf’s, softened and smoothed by glycolic acid and vitamin c this helps penetrate active ingredients deep into the tissue preparing skin for serums and moisturizers


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