Recast Multi Purpose Hair Oil



Recast Multi Purpose Hair Oil is an innovative blend of 21 Proven oils and herbs which are proven over time and again for their multi functional benefits in maintaining a healthy hair growth. Onion oil, extracted from red onions, extremely rich in sulphur, contains stimulates hair in conjunction with other herbal extracts and hair essential oils helping in offering superior nourishment to the hair and also helps in promoting healthy hair growth.

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HAIR FALL CONTROL AND HAIR STRENGTHENING SOLUTION – This product is an innovative blend of proven oils and extracts that work in strengthening roots of the hair and also helps in promoting circulation to the scalp so that hair fall is controlled and hairs are strengthened from the root. It also helps in maintaining natural color of the hair in a natural way.
ALL NATURAL FORMULA – Blended in a pure virgin coconut base, this product contains red onion oi, an extract rich in sulphur to control hair fall and reduce the incidence of dandruff, an extremely famous Moroccan Argan Oil, known for nourishing hair and scalp, Castor oil – effective hair thickener, Sandalwood oil , circulation enhancer, Neem, an eeficient anti dandruff active, Amla, Bhringraj, Cinnamon and more for complete nourishment of hair
DELAY PREMATURE GRAYING OF THE HAIR AND EXTENDS LIFE OF THE GROWING PHASE OF HAIR – It improves the scalp circulation and maintaining natural color of the hair
ALL IN ONE PROVEN FORMULA – It you are after a product that does the job of the all the oils and serum, then this is definitely the one product, you must go with and good thing is that it is all natural and safe for all hair types.
QUALITY GUARANTEED – We, as a manufacturer, do extreme research before we release a product in to the product.


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