cold and cough for kids

Traditional recipes have always been an Integral part of our culture. They are not only tasty but also helps to improve our immune system. Talking of the immune system, our immune system constantly develops as we grow however the foundation of any development is done at a very early age.

These traditional recipes are one which is given to kids/toddler to help them recovering from cold & cough.
These food dishes can be given to babies who are more than 18 months old, while adjusting the spices as needed. One of the most important tips are that it should be served hot. Also, adding jeera or saunf can be beneficial.

Garlic Pepper Rice

Garlic Pepper Rice


Boiled Rice2 cups
Mustard SeedsPinch
Urad Dal1tsp
Bengal Gram Dal1tsp
Red Chilly2


Heat a pan add ghee (2tsp) + mustard seeds (pinch) + curry leaves (4-5 pcs) + Bengal Gram Dal (1tsp) + Urad Dal (1tsp) mix well for a minute
Add crushed garlic (10pc) + red chili (2pc) + crushed pepper (10pc) mix well
Add boiled rice (2cup) + salt + coconut grated (optional)
Garlic Pepper Rice is ready to serve

***You can serve with Dal / Curd / Mix Veg Curry

Turmeric latte

Turmeric Latte


Milk1 cup
Turmeric½ tsp
Pepper2 pc
Sugar1 tbsp

In a pan add milk (1cup) + turmeric powder (1/2tsp)
Get it to boil add sugar/jaggery (1tbsp)
Add crushed pepper (2pc)
Turmeric Latte is ready to serve
***You can also serve the same with some drizzled coffee/cinnamon

Ginger Garlic Soup

ginger garlic soup


Garlic8-9 pcs
Ginger½ tsp
Ghee½ tsp
Chopped Carrot1tbsp
Water1-1/2 Glass
Peppercorns½ tsp

Grind garlic (8-9pc) + ginger (½ tsp). Make a smooth paste.
In a pan add Ghee (1/2 tsp) + Carrot (1tbsp) + water (1&1/2 glass)
Let it boil for 15-20mins
Add crushed pepper (1/2 tsp)
Add cornflour syrup (cornflour + water mix)
Ginger Garlic Soup is ready. Serve it really hot
***You can serve with ginger garlic bread/ cheese garlic bread