Simple Tips for Having A Great Relationship With Your Partner

Every relationship is beautiful, but the relationship between a couple is always special. Each relationship would definitely have seen ups and downs. In short, no relationship can be perfect but having a healthy relationship is always possible. A healthy relationship is not only about one man show, both the parties should put efforts.

Here are some best tips to have a great relationship with your partner

Self Love

Before focussing on the relationship, it is important to be comfortable with yourself. A person who loves their individuality and personality tends to be happier in a relationship. Self-love is totally different from self-obsession, there is a fine line. Never cross it.


A two-way communion is a must for a healthy relationship. Talk to your partner about everything, this will help you to gel well. Moreover, always give importance when they want to talk to you, listen patiently. If you are not in good mood, don’t wait for your partner to figure it out and ask you repeated questions.
A happy healthy relationship should have transparent communication, always talk through the problems. It will not only help to build trust but also will make the relationship rock solid. Apart from discussing the problems, let me also know what makes you happy.


Always be honest and truthful to your partner, let them know what do you feel, what is your true opinion about something. Honestly help to build trust among the couple. Lies are always harmful in a relationship.

Give Space

Couple time is good but apart from being a couple, you both are also individuals and have a different set of friends and priority in life. A healthy relationship is one which believes in giving space to each other outside the relationship.

Accept The Differences

Accept The Differences

It is not always mandatory to have same opinion, it is always advisable to agree to disagree. Give respect to each other’s opinion, everyone can have their own view and perspective.


We all are humans who tend to make mistakes, always believing in forgiving and never shy to apologize if you are wrong. A happy and healthy relationship should always follow the policy of apology acceptance.

Close-up of psychiatrist hands holding those of her patient


When your partner needs you, you always should be there as a supportive hand. The same is applicable to your case. In a healthy relationship, support from a partner is very important, this adds more beauty to the relationship.

Talk About Intimacy

Talk out and discuss intimacy, emotional connection. What are your preferences, what do you like, what can be done to improve the sex life? Never force your partner in doing something which they are not comfortable about. Intimacy places a viable role in every relationship. It is not only about sex, as a couple, but you should also be emotionally connected to lead a happy sexual life.

Take Care of Sexual Health

Sexual health is a major thing which often gets unnoticed when it comes to a relationship. Take necessary precautions to protect each other against STDs, unwanted pregnancy. The best and safe practice is to use condoms. Condoms are the safe and most easily available product which safeguards the individuals from STD and prevents pregnancy. Condoms work as a barrier between you and your partner and ensure safe sex.

What Isn’t a Healthy Relationship?

What Isn’t a Healthy Relationship?

Usually, relationships fail due to one or any reasons. The major reason for a troubled relationship is usually ego and lack of respect. The relationship starts to get abusive if you notice sudden changes in your partner’s behaviour like possessiveness, insults, accusations, humiliations, and jealousy.

These are some major red alerts in a troubled relationship which should not be ignored. Always give equal respect to your partner. Taking abuse is a choice which you should not because every human deserves love and respect.

Signs of an unhealthy relationship, if you are experiencing any of this in your current relationship, it is time to put a full stop.

A person can only change if they want it to happen and make the relationship happier. Nobody can force your partner to behave well with you, it should come within.

Your wellness is important, give priority to your health, keep a tab on stress level and spend quality time with your friends. If you are finding the relationship to be draining, it is time to end it may be.

Always stay in touch with your support system. An abusive relationship can be physical, mentally and emotionally painful. In an abusive relationship, the abusers usually try to isolate their partner; talk to your friend, family and reach them out in case of emergency. Always have a heart to heart conversation with your emotional support system. It is better to stay single rather staying in a wrong relationship.