When 2 parents meet the first thing after greeting each other all they talk about is Comparing the Child!. The comparison is the most common way to judge the performance of the child. It generally starts with comparing their weight, height, marks and what not. you use the same information to boost your child by saying see Tanu aunt’s daughter has scored 95% but this is the worst way to encourage your child. Stop Comparing Your Child!

A parent should understand the fact that each child is different, one can be artistic the other can be excellent at singing. Basically, a fish cannot fly and the bird cannot swim.Everyone has their own set of talents which should be acknowledged and motivated by the parents.

Stop comparing your child, it has a very bad effect on them when they grow up. you may consider comparison as a way to instigate the competition in the child, you may consider it as driving force to increase the performance but it doesn’t work that way. Comparison is the worst thing, which a parent can do to their child.

Here are some negative effects of comparison.So, Stop Comparing Your Child!

1. Building Up Stress
When you compare your child to other kid, your child feels burdened and you are indirectly pressurizing the child. This can have an adverse effect on the kids overall performance and they might be stressed.

2. Lower Self Confidence
When your child is being compared to others, your child believes that they are lower than others and others are always the best. They conclude themselves as incapable of doing anything since they cannot meet the expectation of their parents. The comparison can badly damage the self- esteem and confidence level of growing child.

3. Runs Away From Taking Responsibility

If you are consistently taunting your kids by comparing them with others, they will run away from responsibility. Because at the end of the day they are going to be insulted for their act. They will also avoid public interaction as they consider themselves as incapable and worthless.

4. Unrecognized Talent
your child may be an excellent painter but you want them to be an athlete because some other child is an excellent athlete.They will suppress their talents because they understand that it is never going to be appreciated. The painting talent will go totally unrecognized.

5. Avoiding Interaction
The child will clearly distance you from their parents since there is a lot of negativity build up by the parents. It is very clear to them that they are not going to get any appreciation from you and you will hurt them. The kids get usually insecure and avoid interaction with the parents.Eventually, it can lead to developmental issues. Some kids also have behavioral issues and aggressive nature.

Positive Approach to nurture the child
1.Create a benchmark
Appreciate each and every effort of the child. Let the child be his own competitor. This will increases the confidence.

2. Support them during the weak time

Always support and encourage your kids when they need help and guidance.

3. Praise their performance

Even if your child has scored the 3rd position and not 1st, praise their
efforts and hard work.