Delicious food is an integral part on Indian weddings,

Delicious food is an integral part on Indian weddings, during recent years couples and their families prefer to book a caterer who can offer them a menu with good variety rather than just traditional Indian food.

According to Udaipur caterers – catering service provider for weddings in Udaipur, more and more families are requesting for theme based menu these days for various wedding ceremonies. One such theme is Indian street food which can be served during ceremonies like Mehendi, Haldi or Sangeet.

We have put together a list of top 10 street food items which are most liked by guests at weddings:

Aloo Tikki Chat – It is a super delicious tangy flavored dish made up of fried potato patties which are topped sweet tamarind chutney and green chutney. Some people also like to add curd to their Aloo Tikki Chat.

Aloo Paneer Pyaz Kachori – Traditional pyaz kachori can be turned into an exotic street food item by adding paneer and potatoes. This food item can be served with tomato ketchup and green chutney.

Paneer Tikka – It is no secret that paneer is a favourite food item for most vegetarians, paneer tikka is probably the most loved paneer item and it is still demanded many times as paneer lovers never get tired of it.

Paneer fingers – Paneer fingers is prepared by adding a crispy coating to panner and frying it. It tastes really good with ketchup and chutney.

Momos – Momos have gained popularity only since last few years, it has added one more option in both vegetarian and non vegetarian menu. Veg momos and chicken momos are often demanded by families in their street food menu.

Chilli Potato – Potato is probably the most requested ingredient in vegetarian street food menu after paneer. A spicy red chutney gives fried potatoes a twist of taste which is loved by people who like spicy food.

Pani Puri – Love of Indian people for Pani puri never ceases to exist. No matter how many times they go to have pani puri every week, people still love to see a pani puri stall in weddings.

Ragda Patties – Ragda is a gravy made up of dried white peas and a variety of spices. A delicious dish is prepared by combining ragda with tikki or patties.

Stuffed Idli – South Indian street food can be found in almost every Indian city as it is loved all over the country. Sometimes families demand south Indian food only for a particular ceremony. Fried idli with stuffing is one of the most demanded south Indian food items for weddings.

Moong Dal Appe – Appe or appam is also often requested in wedding menus. However, people usually prefer some variety of this dish like moong dal appe over plain traditional appe.