Christmas in India acquires distinct local flavours as regions weave in their own traditional customs.

It’s that magical time of the year – the aroma of freshly- baked plum cakes has begun to permeate the air, Church choirs are rehearsing their carols and children are drawing up their list of demands for Santa Claus, as Christmas trees and decorations glitter in the market. As the word celebrates Christmas on December 25, various regions in India also soak in the spirit of the festival and commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ in their own special way. Here are six among them.Read more


Must Visit Place In Bangalore With Kids

Bangalore is a dream destination and a perfect place to hop around. you can take a break from your busy schedule and have fun because the climatic is always pleasant. Bangalore has got everything starting from indulging into adventure trips to admire the beautiful nature.
here are some amazing and kid-friendly places in Bangalore where you can spend a day. I can assure one thing for sure, the weather is absolutely complimenting and you will have a blast with your family.Read more


What is more fun being a child, teenage, married, grandparent?

Bhale cheen lo mujhse meri jawaani , magar mujhko lauta do bachchpan ka saawan….a beautiful song true for me word by word. You may be wondering and pondering why? I have done thesis on this topic and here are a few reasons for which I would like to get back to my childhood.

There is no denial to the fact that childhood is the best part of life for every human being. Childhood and innocence are synonyms. Not only the word innocence but fun at its peak and carefree life are also synonym to childhood.

Childhood is the best part of life when you are either the little man or little girl in your parents life. There is nothing that worries you, all you are concerned is about the celebrations of your birthday or attending your friend’s birthday or at the most planning celebrations of some festivals. You are never concerned of your future goals or what will I do tomorrow? It never concerns us what will happen if I do not wake up early tomorrow morning. The future has no important significance for us. All we are concerned is about present and what we are doing to day. Childhood phase sets us free from all the constraints of the real world. We do not have any responsibility on us.

My childhood was all the more special as I come from a joint family set up. With grand father who would shower the love of both grandmother and grand father on me( I did not have grandmother)on me, to uncles and aunts who would fulfill all my wishes. Most importantly bunch of kids as cousins who tend to be my best friends till date as we were the first friends for each other. Playing pranks on each other or gearing up for the celebrations of festivals, or taking permission from each other’s parents. We were totally partners in crime. Deciding the destination of picnic or setting up lottery for deciding the venue. Even we had a small democracy at our home and majority wins was the rule. Although it was simple as to get vote bribe would be two pieces of chocolate or a new eraser at most. All the childhood memories will forever stay close to our hearts and bring a smile on our face whenever we think about those good all days. You grow up amidst all love and care in the nut-shell. Nothing worries you.

Kids are considered as form of God on the Earth and my family truly believed in it. My whole family helped me in growing in to a better person but they instilled humility in me. Learning the basic values of sharing and compassion or listening to the stories of courage or righteous behavior from our grannies made my childhood so special.

If my one wish would be granted I would like to return back to my childhood and enjoy the games of snake and ladder, or dark room secret or just sail a boat in the rain, or just sit in the round table conference to discuss the most silly matter. My childhood was the golden period of my life and the childhood memories are a part of my heart that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

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Will My Vegetarian Child Face Nutritional Deficiencies In Future

We both as a couple are pure vegetarian since we belong to the marwadi community.We have passed on the same values to my daughter. my little one is totally an animal lover and hates when animals are harmed. Additionally, she is also not very fond of the strong smell of all non-vegetarian food. But, I also agree with the fact that vegetarian food diet is not enough to fulfill the child’s nutritional requirements in the long run. They may require growth nutrients and minerals which are available only in non-vegetarian food sources.Read more


Ruk jana nahin tu kahin haar ke, My all time favorite song


Old is gold, a soft melodious song, penned by Majrooh Sultanpuri for the movie Imtihaan, sung by Kishore Kumar and composed by Laxmikant Pyarelal. This song tops the list of favorite songs of the legendary cricketer Ravi Shastri. This song never fails to inspire any person.

The words “ruk jaana nahin… stop not till your goal is achieved…a quote backed up by Swami Vivekananda. The way to success is never easy or smooth. There is no statement like blessed with success, it is always like achieved with efforts.
The Sun rays break only after the darkest hour of the night passes. Success comes to them who have earned it, people born with silver spoon also need to work hard in order to achieve success, even their money cannot buy the success. It is true that we all are blessed with one talent that opens the door of success for us.

If we do not work hard towards polishing that talent we are at loss. Today we say that person achieved success because he was immensely talented. That’s not true Sachin achieved success, because he worked hard consistently hard towards his goal.

“Kaaton pe chal ke milenge… every path has obstacles and we need to overcome them. Say for Sachin his height was an obstacle when competing with international players. Although overcoming the obstacles gives you a sense of accomplishment and gets you charged for the new challenges of life.

Life would be so dull and boring if there are no challenges to overcome, no achievement achieved with hard work to be celebrated.

Saaye bahaar ke… it is only hard work and dedication that can lead to success. Sachin is called the Master Blaster or is a legendary cricketer, only because of his unputdownable and unstoppable efforts and hard work. A person who wants to taste the success, has to make so many sacrifices. Every single day poses new challenges new hardships that have to be removed.

This was an old melody that holds substance till this day. The lines of the song help you to move on in life. It states the basic principle of life “ no pain no gain”. A very beautiful song that can be called synonym to this old age melody has beautiful words “raat lambi sahi, phir bhi yeh raat hai subah ho jayegi sou baat ki ek baat hai, phir jaagegi yeh fiza”.

One thing should always be borne in mind that no matter what era we belong to, what is our situation it is a statutory fact that has passed the test of time success is directly proportional to hard work. To conclude I would say dream big, so big that the dream scares you, but work harder that it paves the way to success. The whole universe inspires you and helps you to achieve success, the only condition is that do not give up!

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Everyday we get up with the hope of being a bit more positive, a bit more relaxed, and a bit more chilled out. We promise ourselves that we will limit our thought process to ourselves and not get involved in others lives. I can see all are nodding and giving their approval. However the irony of our lives is we only think but do we ever implement it? No we are too much involved with others life that we end up judging them. Has single moment ever gone without thinking of someone else. Everybody’s life gets equal attention from us. Deep down we do not ponder about our lives but we are concerned what is happening in others lifeRead more