Happiness is a feeling of positive emotions, like joy, interest and pride and absence of negative emotions like sadness, anxiety and anger. Happiness is associated to life, satisfaction, appreciation and to those moments of positive in life. Read more


Best Place to Visit in Jaipur

Jaipur is a beautiful city with a lot of mesmerizing and beautiful places. It is also fondly called as pink city because of its city architect design which was very well planned and highly advanced during that period that why it is very much loved by tourists around the globe. This beautiful place is the perfect family destination where everyone can have fun and good time.
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There is no reason or season to adorn yourself with the timeless beauty of kajal. May what come and advancements in the field of make up and styling is done the importance of kajal remains to be the same. Be it for your daily use needs or any party or office wear kajal continues to stand rock solid and answer all your needs of getting dressed up. However the kajals that are present in the market either are loaded with chemicals and harm your eyes or get smudged or do not give the desired results.Read more



Earlier in the 70s or the 80s it was parents who used to decide about marriages and the kids used to nod and tie the knots. The couple would get to know regarding each other after marriage or lets say even see each other for the first time during the marriage and they had wonderful relationships. They would grow old with each other and enjoy their relationship thoroughly. Read more


5 Perfect red dresses for a romantic date

Red is the colour of love and it makes you feel beautiful within. Be it a red lipstick or mini dress, the colour has the charm to make everything look truly a diva. Your wardrobe collection is incomplete without a red colour dress. Whether you’re going for a Christmas party or a romantic date with that hot colleague of yours, red will always make sure that everything goes right your way. The red dress can do wonders for you and make you feel above the world. The guy you’re on a date with will be awestruck by your beauty. You can go for bodycon dresses or any other in colour red and feel like the queen of this world. Get the light and right make up and kill your guy with your beautiful curves and pretty smile.Read more


How To Make Healthy & Delicious Hara Bhara Kabab

Hara Bhara Kabab is a famous north Indian snack which tastes great and is healthy too. Kebab recipe has always been my favorite starter recipe and especially hara bhara kabab recipe as it is filled with vegetables. Whenever we plan for outdoor dining, kebab is always on the order menu. I think its a great snack which is very nutritious and full of healthy veggies.Read more