The bundle of joy, the precious gift from God our little munchkins! We adore them we wait desperately and anxiously for their arrival. The nine months of the waiting period is filled with baby showers, pregnancy photo shoot, baby moon vacations and the endless fears that the baby is caused no harm. We preserve the stem cells so as to protect our babies from the remote chances of their being affected by diseases. We also make all plans for the safe arrival of our child in this world but do we ever think about their upbringing or the kind of parents we will become to our munchkins?

Ponder over the fact we are just thinking about the bright side, our expectations are sky high we dream of living in a picture perfect life but this is fictitious. Now lets face the real picture or let us admit the ugly picture. As the child enters the world, the mad race begins. Norms are set how that one day or two day child should look or behave. You may think I am exaggerating but stop and rewind to day of the arrival of your childbirth.

The neighbor of your mother in laws sister had a normal delivery so you are bound to have the same. Your child should enter the world through vaginal delivery and if not the first disappointment comes. Then that third cousin of your husband delivered a 3.5 kg child so your child should weigh the same but again a disappointment your child is healthy but weighs only 2.5 kg. The competition is endless the time the child rolls, or starts to teeth or responds or walks and sits, or laughs. A great matter of comparison how the child eats or what the child eats.

We do not enjoy the parenting journey but we live under the continuous fear of lacking behind. The competition worsens when the child enters the world of education. A vicious cycle, competition as of learning one single rhyme or action starts. Your child learned mine also has to learn. A child who cannot understand what does learning means is asked to memorize a number of poems.

All efforts are just to get admission in some elite school of the town. A status symbol in which school your child studies. The best school, the best university, the best degree, the best job, the best salary. We have become obsessed with these thinks that we leave no stone upturned to get there. Rewarding or yelling or beating, all levels of pressure is made on the child to see him excelling in life. The child is small just do not parent the child or up bring him but bring with some love nurture the child.

Trust the capabilities of your child. All children are not same they their own dreams and aspirations. Let the child be himself let him enjoy under your shade. Do not spank him or yell at him, it will only hamper his growth. The child will grow with a slow esteem, a constant fear will encompass him.

It is sad to see this video that has gone viral on the social media, how the mother is brutally hitting and shouting at the child whereas the child is all tears and is try to fight her mom. It is humble request that the future of our country should be brought up with love and care and not yelling. Think and take a wise decision till then,

Happy  Parenting!