Post Covid, I have been struggling with severe hair fall and hair breakage. It was very frustrating to see your hair everywhere, except on your head. My hair was all over the place: on my pillow, on my clothes and in the sink. I have tried all kinds of hair serums for women, hair oil, homemade hair masks, but nothing seemed to work for me. I tried almost every hair growth product on my head, but the results were not satisfactory. Now  I don’t want to use any more harsh chemicals on my scalp. Because of using so many hair care products, now my scalp has also become very dry and itchy.  So now I was struggling with hair fall, hair thinning and scalp inflammation as well. I had almost given up hope, when a friend of mine suggested ThriveCo’s Hair Growth Serum. But  I was reluctant to try out any other hair care products.   

I just googled about this hair growth serum to know more about it and found a lot of positive reviews. I checked their website as well and found that the manufacturers of this hair growth brand claim that after using this hair serum for 45 days, there will be a 45% decrease in hair fall. This is far too good to be true. I checked the primary ingredients of this hair growth serum. As per the manufacturer, this hair growth serum contains a mixture of ingredients that promote hair regrowth, such as Anagain, Redensyl, Capilia Longa and Procapil. I double checked on the ingredients and found that all the ingredients are safe on your scalp and these hair friendly ingredients actually promote hair growth. It also ranked among the best hair serums available in India. What fascinated me was that this brand is promising a hair growth count of +9400. So finally I decided to give it a try. After trying various hair care products I can guarantee one thing, that finding the right product for your hair concern can be a daunting task. I ordered ThriveCo’s Hair Growth Serum from their official site. Let me share my experience with ThriveCo Hair Growth Serum with you all. 

I read the instructions given on the label carefully and started applying the hair serum on the problem areas of my head with the dropper that was provided along with the pack. I used the serum to cover the areas that were bald patches near my forehead and the area where I had severe hair fall. I applied 4-5 drops of the hair-growth serum to the problem area of my scalp every night before going to bed. To ensure that the product penetrated my scalp properly, I massaged it with my fingers for five minutes. This serum is light and dries quickly, so my scalp does not feel greasy. I noticed that within a couple of applications the itchiness in my scalp was almost gone.

After using ThriveCo’s Hair Growth Serum for 14 days, I could feel that my hair fall had reduced. There was less hair on the comb. I could feel that my scalp health has also improved. No more itchy scalp. My scalp is now well hydrated and I noticed that the density of my hair has also improved to a great extent. 

After 20-25 days of usage, I could feel that there was a noticeable difference in the texture of my hair.  My hair that was once dry, thin, frizzy, dull, has gained volume, thickness, and density.

I’m quite satisfied with the result till now and I’m super excited to see hair growth in the bald patches of my scalp in the coming days. I knew I had to be patient, as hair regrowth will not happen instantly. I applied the hair growth serum diligently for a few more days. After 40 days of application, I could see small baby hairs growth on my receding hairline and on the bald patches. 

Now I feel that this hair growth serum is true to its claim of growing new hair in 45 days. This hair growth serum actually helps to improve the texture and appearance of your hair, improving your scalp health. It enhances the volume and density of your hair, making your dull, thin hair look bouncy.  

I am writing this review after using this haircare product for 90 days. Now there is visible hair growth in my bald patches and my receding hairline. My scalp looks fuller with thick, dense hair. 

Let me jot down the pros and cons of this haircare product.


  • It improves scalp health, reduces scalp inflammation.
  • It improves the texture and appearance of your hair by making it soft and smooth.
  • It enhances the thickness and density of your hair from the roots.
  • Delivers what was promised.


  • Have to be consistent with the hair growth serum.
  • Result is not instant, you have to be patient.

Now I can say that if you are also experiencing hair concerns like me, then you can join my new haircare journey with ThriveCo’s Hair Growth Serum as it is the best hair serum for hair growth, suitable for all hair types.