Top 5 comfortable fashion wear perfect for Indian climate change

Fashion has no boundaries. India is slowly transforming into a fashion hub, both boys and girls enjoy wearing trending clothes. All thanks to the online e-commerce sites, it has hugely contributed in keeping our folks high on fashion.

In India, we all experience different types of climatic changes, hence it is always advisable to look for fashionable and comfortable fabric to rock the look. In India, we majorly experience the hot and humid climatic condition, hence always look for airy, free and cool fabric for regular use.

Here is the list of best 5 fabric type which works well for Indian climatic condition.


Linen is highly comfortable and the texture offers high style quotient too. The linen fabric is manufactured from the flax plant and it very well absorbs the sweat, hence you feel cool, fresh and comfortable in your outfit. You can easily find fabulous linen clothes online at Myntra fashion for great deals.
When you wear linen garments, the fabric is capable of absorbing the moisture and you don’t experience dampness or wetness. The linen shirts are classic and extremely popular in summers. Don’t forget to grab this beauty for a casual outing.


Cotton is undoubtedly the king of all fabric. It is the most comfortable wear which you need on a hot summer day. Moreover, cotton fabric is highly versatile and keeps you cool and fresh entire day. Be it a cotton saree or a shirt, it fits perfect for everyday fashion demands. It not only gives you a chic look but also is super comfortable.
Moreover, cotton clothing offers complete protection to the skin against the hot summer heat and the fabric rarely causes any allergic to the skin. If you have sensitive skin, cotton is highly recommended for Indian climate.


Rayon fabric is similar to cotton but more manageable, it is a man-made fabric. Rayon is the blend of cotton, synthetic fiber, and wood pulp. It is a cheaper and comfortable alternative to regular silk fabric. The fabric is thin and airy, your skin breathes more.

Another biggest benefit of Rayon fabric is, it doesn’t stick to the body due to sweat. It keeps you cool and comfortable during hot summers. in short, the Rayon fabric soaks sweat and is a nice fashion choice. Since the fabric is versatile, you can find the perfect fashion match based on your mood and occasion.


Silk is truly a comfortable fabric since it is natural. Rather than looking for artificial silk, opt for chiffon and georgette fabric. Even satin fabric boosts the overall comfort level and fulfills fashion needs. Look for the best silk fabric to suit your fashion needs, a satin long gown goes well for an evening party whereas chiffon saree is perfect for regular office wear during hot summer.


Denim fabric is often underestimated, it is made with tight cotton and the fabric is very much breathable. It absorbs the sweater quickly just like regular cotton fabric. The density of denim fabric is high but it works great during the hot sunny day. It lets the skin breathe and absorbs the sweat too.