I have been an account student for more than five years and did my majors in this subject only. Also economics was my favorite subject. Thus a basic rule of the subject is that profit is what matters. It says that all investments should yield returns or you need not invest there. True any common person or uneducated person will also agree to these basic rules. As per the market trends you should invest in any investment or property or capital that yields good profit or belongs to you. All those investments that yield good and profitable results become hot cake and are appreciated by all. Isn’t that true? Where would you put your stake in your property or someone else’s property? I can see you nodding and thinking that am I crazy enough to state all this nonsense and ask such silly questions. You would say even a small kid can understand these basic rules and work accordingly.

All the above conversation is not useless all I want to prove is or state that the age old saying “betiyaan toh paraya dhan hoti hai.” Is either false or the laws of accounts or economics that run the world economy or the betel shop at the corner of your lane is false.

The answer is obvious you cannot dare to say that the laws of economics or accounts cannot be false. Then why are the daughters an exception? Starting with the birth of daughter let us travel the journey and try to visualize that is there any reason for her standing out of the common law? The mother endures the same pain as that of the son, or is there any concession when giving birth to daughters no or did the doctor or the hospital charged you a bit less while delivering the girl child as was so called paraya dhan.

No luck, you feed your girl child when she is hungry as you feed your boy child. Till now there was no difference so the time, money or resources invested is same. Lets not get in the love quotient as all child gets the same love from parents but daughters are more dear and near than the boys, all the love and pampering goes to them or lets say they have the upper hand here. I still remember the interview of David Beckham where he had tears in his eyes while discussing about his little angel. Getting to the education scenario girls or boys get the same education and for the same fees charged(we are not taking in to account those plans of government where to protect girl child or help her progress because of the society’s malpractices) As parents we try to give both our child similar opportunities.

Then why does a daughter stand to be “paraya” and your son be your own. I do not understand why eating at your girl child’s house after her marriage is not taken well or why does a daughter cannot take the responsibility of her parents and prove to a successful investment. A son is deemed to take responsibility of his parents even if does not want to do the same.

In an educated, civilized society if this attitude towards the female child does not end then at any point of time a lady will not get the love and respect that she deserves. We need to get in the gender equality society without any grudges in our mind. A son and daughter both should be your eyes. A daughter is never paraya she is all yours.