I am a huge fan of personalized items and my home is full of personalized stuff . It adds more beauty to my home as all these items remind me of the beautiful time and  memories  spent with my loved ones.

Moreover, I love it when I get compliments about the beautiful customized stuff at my home. Recently, I created a memorable collage of polaroid style photos printed from Photojaanic . The collage has added a charming beauty to my wall.
Why I love photojaanic

Why I love personalized items?

I feel that personalized stuff makes for the best gifts or decor items and makes the celebration or your living spaces unique. It is with you forever. Every time when I look at the personalized items at my home, I always remember the memories and it brings a  pleasant smile on my face.

In addition to it, I love to keep myself surrounded with positive things and one such positive stuff is this beautiful photo collage. Photos take me down the memory lane. These are some golden periods of my life and this helps me recollect those moments.

My experience with Photojaanic

My experience with Photojaanic

Photojaanic is an online photo printing website which allows you to print customised photo products that you can cherish forever. It is not always easy to maintain the family holiday pics or your child’s beautiful moments in softcopy format. But, a personalized photo will help you to recollect those moments.

Photojaanic is a place which allows you to customize your photos in a simple, quick and fun way. The pictures can be framed, kept on a side table you can even add get a hard cover photo book all automated.

These pictures are very special to me as I celebrated my daughter’s first birthday at a beach. She is a huge fan of beaches. I would say, my daughter’s first birthday was one of the most beautiful moments for me and I wanted to preserve it. I wanted to cherish these beautiful memories with my daughter and thought of getting a photo collage made for my daughter’s bedroom wall.

What I liked the most about Photojaanic

First off, I loved the concept behind the word Photojaanic. The name sort of, translates to preserving the memories of dear ones. In this digital age, almost all the photographs are on pen drives and hard discs. But, no more worries. Now you can get all your pictures printed  and out from all those digital devices and without any hassle with the help of excellent Photojaanic team.

1. Product Quality

I received an excellent quality photo frame which was gracefully placed on my wall. The edges are nicely sealed and pictures are customized as per my choice. The print quality is brilliant.

2. Affordable

I have tried several online photo printing sites but I’ve found Photojaanic as an extremely cost-effective option and the best part was the excellent quality of the product for the price I paid.

3. Quick Response and Timely Delivery

From the moment I showed interest in their photo frames until delivery, the Photojaanic team was quick with its responses via chat and email. They clearly understood my expectation and requirements. The delivery was on time and the product was neatly packed so that it does not get damaged during transportation.