Why I Love Playing Cricket Online?

I love playing online games since my teenage days. Technology has made online games more interactive and this is the reason I feel young generation love playing online especially on their smartphone and computer system. Among all the games I love playing Fantasy cricket.

People from all the generations are hugely getting attracted to the online games, all thanks to the interactive interface and catchy concepts which glued you for endless hours. The best part about today’s trending online game is, you can also ask your friends to participate and place remotely.

The online sports has got everything; excitement, entertainment and are available free of cost. Some games allow you to win exciting cash prizes too. Isn’t it great!!!

exciting gaming site is Dream11

One such exciting gaming site is Dream11. The portal is designed especially for all the sports lover, this online portal allows you to play all sorts of sports like Fantasy cricket, kabaddi, NBA, and Football.

You can be a part of online fantasy cricket, you just have to select the team, pick players and play in full sportsman spirit. Click here to be a part of your favourite online league. Moreover, rope in your friend and enjoy the game with great enthusiasm.

Playing cricket online is a different experience altogether, just join, select players and enjoy the game on PC. You surely can expect a lot of competition online, but I feel competition is fun, that’s how you give your best shot.

Anyone can download the online gaming portal and play the same sports on mobile apps, it is the best pass time if you are bored and have nothing fruitful to do. Just add your friends and spike up the gaming fire.

You don’t need to step outdoor to play cricket, you can play a cheerful fantasy cricket match even when it is raining heavily outside. All thanks to the internet and advancement in technology, you can enjoy the games without even moving a single inch from your place.

The online gaming portals not only provide complete entertainment via various games like cricket, football, NBA but also will reward you with handsome cash rewards. I mean you literary get paid to play games online, isn’t is cool ??

How to Create a Team in Dream11

How to Create a Team in Dream11

Dream11 is a perfect hub for all the cricket, football, and NBA lovers. Create and follow a clear winning team so that you can score great points and eventually you will take home better cash rewards.

  1. The website allows creating an account only via referral links.
  2. Verify your contact number and email ID to complete the registration process. Instantly you get credited with 50 cash points. Add your PAN card details to avail 200 more points.
  3. Start with inviting your gaming friends. This will help you to make more additional cash bonus.
  4. Keep yourself updated with all the trending matches and the player’s performance.
  5. Begin with playing small leagues, once you get a hang on it you can opt for higher leagues.

Keep up the gaming spirit, enjoy gaming and keep winning great scores.