As a woman I am very passionate about my Jewellery, I feel it represent my beauty, and power to everyone. The beautiful piece makes me feel more beautiful and super confident.

It is true that each and every woman on his planet loves jewellery, be it necklace, bracelets or earrings we have a crazy collection and love to add more to it. I must say jewellery has huge importance in every women’s life. We have a wonderful collection of jewellery for all the occasions like marriage, party, childbirth, baby shower etc.

With time the trend in jewellery is changing and the fact is women love the changes too. In fact, the popularity of jewellery is increasing and the makers are trying out new elements to add more grace to the overall women’s beauty.

Jewellery is the best thing which highlights all the features of women. Among all the jewellery I have a special liking for ethnic earrings. I got some superb collection for myself from precious you.

My love for ethnic earrings

I feel women look most beautiful in ethnic wear, a loving pair of earrings can add more beauty to the final look. I recently got 2 pairs of adorable jewelry from precious you. They have spectacular collections and you would love them all.

What I got For Myself from precious you

1. Green Chaand Bali

This one is my favorite, I love the colour green, and it connects me to nature. Moreover, I am a big fan of Chaand bali, I love them a lot, it goes well with my ethnic Anarkali suit too. To complete the look I wore my red lipstick and a beautiful smile. Don’t ask me about the compliments which I was getting showered with, isn’t it nice when someone compliments your beauty.

2. A pair of sparkling white stone studded earring

I love these white beauties. They go well with all the ethnic outfits, be it a saree of an Anarkali, you will see a beautiful you every time on the mirror. Off late, I am getting a lot of compliments from my friends on my social media site asking about the earring. Well, the site is

What I love about Preciousyou

This is the dream of every woman to have a wonderful collection of jewellery, you get everything here starting from beautiful earrings, necklaces, bracelet, finger ring, and watches.

Wonderful Collections

I spend good 2 hours to decide what to buy because the collections are awesome and I am sure you will find it super difficult to choose a piece of beauty for yourself.


Apart from collections, I am the big fan of their customer support center, they answer all your queries politely and the product was very well packed too. Each earring was secured well in a pouch so that it doesn’t get damaged while transition.

High Quality

If you love to explore wonderful ethnic jewellery collections, this place is for you. The stones, shine, and materials are great in quality. Perfect to match with all the Indian and fusion outfits.

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