1. If you have a wig, weave or hair product made with virgin Malaysian hair, you may have already noticed that this type of hair doesn’t always hold styles for very long.

    In fact, unprocessed virgin hair in general does not hold styles for very long due to being untreated with any special chemicals. However, there are ways you can make your Malaysian virgin hair hold the style you’ve chosen for noticeably longer. The following are 4 essential tips that will teach you how to make your unprocessed virgin hair from Malaysia keep and hold its style for a much longer amount of time.

Apply all curling creams before you style your hair

The first thing to know about ensuring that virgin Malaysian hair holds its style for longer is that freshly clean hair does not hold any style–curly or otherwise–very well. This doesn’t mean you need to skip any shampoos, however–simply apply curling creams designed to help hair hold curls before you style your hair. This tip applies regardless of how you achieve curls with your hair, such as a curling iron, rods, or rag methods.

Use curling rods, not curling irons

Curling irons may be faster, but they can wreak havoc on your unprocessed virgin hair. Curling irons are known for causing heat damage to hair, which can greatly reduce the lifespan of your wig, weave or hair product. You should instead stick to heat-free curling rods–or even rags–to achieve the curls you want. It takes a little more patience, but the longer lifespan for your hair is well worth the extra time it takes to wrap your hair up in rods.

Use a serum spray to hold the style after you’ve finished

Once you’ve finished styling your hair, you can apply a light coating of serum spray. Serum spray will help your hair hold its style, and as long as you don’t use it excessively, it shouldn’t drastically effect the overall lifespan of your hair. You should ideally look for serum spray designed for use with unprocessed virgin hair vendors, but any quality serum spray will do the trick. Serum spray is best used when you will be going about your day rather than heading right to bed, because you want to give it time to soak into the hair.

Sleep with your hair wrapped at night

No one wants to wake up in the morning to find that their carefully crafted curls have disappeared in the night! In order to help your hair keep up its style and retain its body, you should wrap your hair up at night before you go to bed. The most common wraps are soft materials like silk, which greatly reduce any friction damage your hair might get from rubbing up against it while you sleep. Some beauty shops may even offer style-specific wraps, such as wraps designed for use with curls, if you want to go the extra mile in keeping your style.