Obesity is considered as a global epidemic by the World Health Organization.Obesity is rising at an alarming rate in the urban settings. The first anti obesity day campaign was launched by VLCC an Indian wellness brand by Vandana Luthra. The campaign was focusing on the promotion of healthy lifestyle habits to prevent obesity and stay fit and healthy. The anti- obesity day received wide media coverage and became very popular. On this day 26TH NOVEMBER mass counseling sessions, health camps, talk shows with health experts, educational events etc are carried out.

It was about anti obesity day but let us first try to understand what is obesity. Medically obesity can be defined as a medical condition in which the excess body fat has accumulated to this extent that it may cause serious health problems. Obesity reduces life expectancy and increases the likelihood of heart diseases, diabetes, osteoarthritis and other diseases.

Each and every individual desires to be good looking and fit in the outfit of their choice. Having a stunning figure is desired by all individuals. Living the life of obese is not easy. Health issues are there but the bigger issue is people around you. It is so easy to body sham people without realizing the real reason of their body being the way it is. God has gifted us with body and we should all respect that. Some are blessed with body of dreams but for the others it is not so. No matter how less you eat or how much you exercise those extra kilos just do not leave you. Life is difficult with the extra baggage.

People call names to people with obesity irrespective of the fact that the person has his own battle to fight. They have ransacked the internet fr tips to reduce weight by means of natural medicines or several difficult diets. When the world is busy instagramming their food they are busy counting the calories of their food. Diet pills, surgeries, low carb diet, low calorie diet ate the terms that keep running in their mind. Apart from the health issues the issues of not being fashion ready hurts the most. Day in and out all that they desire is to fit in the latest designer wear or copy the dressing style of their favourite star. However these are just dreams that cannot be fulfilled easily.

It is not easy to fight the battle every single day but it is easy to comment on the people suffering from obesity. It is a disease and should be treated. People suffering from obesity should be encouraged in their weight loss journey. Rather than making fun of them we should encourage them to make the journey of weight loss a fun- filled one. It is a disease just like cancer or blood pressure and people suffering from it should be shown some compassion.

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