save money on the road

There’s nothing like experiencing a road trip. A road trip is all about you and your experiences along the way. In a road trip, you are in control (well mostly ;). You get to choose the time of your travel, the day, the halts, the sight-seeing you might want to experience while on the road, so on and so forth.

A road trip can be a wonderful experience, but when planned well, especially when it comes to managing your expenses. Here listed are some of the most important checks that you need to strike out before planning your road trip, so you have a smooth ride/drive.

Plan ahead

Nothing can beat a well planned trip. If you have a well thought of plan in place, you will notice less anxiety while you travel. It also reduces the cost of a trip. For example, if you need to stay overnight in between, you can always choose a hotel in advance as per your budget.

Stick with a budget

Have a budget worked out before you step out. A few grands here and there won’t hurt, but keeping your budget in check is always good when you know you always need to come back home and manage other expenses.

Use International SIM cards

Travelling abroad with an international SIM card saves you a ton of money and trouble. It lets you do local calling for dirt cheap, and the internet too doesn’t cost as much.

Split the cost

Share your travel cost estimate with your friends and family beforehand. Doing this gets everyone ready, mentally and financially. Also, make sure to play it fare when you chip in the cash required for the road trip. Small spending might look insignificant while you travel, but when you compound the entire money, the amount can be significant.

Keep snacks handy

It is such a good idea to keep your favourite snacks handy whenever you feel like munching midway. Also, it is a fact that buying snacks from certain places is costlier, and you might even end up not getting the kind of snack you are looking for, and end up buying a variant. Quiet common scenario. Isn’t it?

Carry cash

Though we live in a digital world, there’s nothing like carrying cash for petty expenses, especially when you come across roadside vendors who aren’t keen on doing online transfers.

Keep phone charged, always

Need we say this? Apart from clicking pictures and posting on social media, phone can be our best friend in times of emergency and online money transfers. Thanks to our money transfer apps. And don’t forget to carry a power bank along.

Cook your own long-lasting meal

Always listen to your mom and grand-moms when it comes to this point. Outside food might taste great, but you never know the oil, water and the conditions in which the food is cooked. Carrying food like the Indian thepla, pre-cut veggies with some dressings and loaves of bread can go a long way in keeping you filled. Always carry your own water for obvious reasons.

Keep documents in place

This is one of the most important check points before you leave your home. Always check if your documents are in place and keep them handy whenever required. Also, check for rules and regulations of other states and countries while you travel. Abide by them every time to keep out of trouble.