Every other day there are news popping up in the newspaper regarding the crimes committed against our munchkins in the school premises. We try to overcome the fear from one incident and get our little off to school and yet another devastating news makes the headline. Where are we leading to. Let us peep in the situation and try to analyse what is going wrong rather than just playing the blame games.

A school is a place where a child spends the maximum waking hours of the day. The child goes to school to learn, get the education and become a good citizen of the country. Parents send their children to school with all the trust that the school will take care of the child safety and security. With so many incidents happening, where the children are killed, it is a matter great concern.

Are our children safe in school? How do we ensure the security of the children when they are on the school premises? To safeguard the security of the children and students it has to be a teamwork of the school and the parents so that the children go safely to school and come home happy. Working together towards the safety of the kids would never give a child a chance to say I hate you School.

There are a few simple measures which a school should keep in mind to ensure the safety of the children they are as follows-

1) The school premises should have only one entry/exit. If it does have other gates, it should be locked and its use should be totally banned. Along with that, those extra gates should have security guards too.

2) The entry to bus area, gym, swimming pool, sports room, fields, canteens, toilets should be restricted to people whose presence in these places is utmostly required. For example- A canteen boy should not be seen on the sports field or a bus driver should not be there near the library or swimming pool. The school staff should be instructed not to loiter in an anywhere in the school. This would prevent in decreasing the chances of mishaps.

3) CTV cameras should be installed in such a way that it would cover all the critical areas of the school premises. The entrance of the toilets should necessarily have a CCTV camera but to ensure the dignity of the students CCTV should not be allowed inside the toilet.

4) Every staff and teacher hired in the school should be done after many strict levels of scrutiny and verification. The school should also ensure that all the people being hired for different works in the school should go through an interview with a counselor so that the management gets a psychological feedback about the person. They should also be trained to work in sync to ensure the ethics and values of the school.

5) The world is going digital. Apart from the buses having a GPS navigation the badges of the school which the children wear mandatorily should be installed with a navigational GPS chip and the parents should be able to track when and where the children are. Many expensive and big schools are doing it but it should be a mandatory law made by the government for every big and small school across the country.

Apart from the school, there are some things which the parents need to teach the children. The children should be treated as friends and parents should devote some time every day to talk to the children about all the happenings in the school. The children should not hesitate to share the whereabouts of the school with their parents. this would help the parents know if anything is going wrong in school.

The parents also need to teach the children the difference between the good touch and bad touch. The children should know that they should react and ask for help if they are being touched wrongly.

A few easy and simple measures of the school and parents as a team will help a child gain education, make use of it to serve the country. The children should love their school as they got to spend around 12-13 years of their lives there. Let us try to make it the best place for them.