I recently visited a friend of mine in Noida, she took me to the GIP Mall so that together we could have some fun. Being shopaholic buddies we were just wandering and came across the Super99 store. We went and checked all the stuff, everything is available at such an astonishing price. We didn’t want to come out because everything was so amazing and extremely cheap on price.

I haven’t heard about the Super99 store before, so for me, the visit was a superb experience. The store has stocked up everything neatly and category wise. The products are indifferent in the range of beauty, kitchen tools, snacks, accessories, home decor and what not. The ranges are super impressive and I must stay all the products looked sturdy and stylish. My first thought about the store was that everything would be of price INR 99, there were some items which were in the denominations of INR99. Hope, this was a great strategy for them to bring in the audience, they actually succeed. We found all the products in different price ranges like INR99, 199, 299 and 399.

Here is the list of exciting products I got for my daughter

1. Water bottle
This is actually value for money product. I have spent just 109Rs for this cute water bottle. It keeps the water hot and cool for hours together. The material of bottle is sturdy and it is very compact perfect for short breaks and travels. Too convenient and good looking to carry, isn’t it? I feel this thermos bottle is best and is available at lowest price. It can be used as a return give the option, the kids will love it. It was available in several colors but my daughter loves blue. So, we got this

2. DIY Game
This one is my personal favorite. I got this DIY science project game, it has 61 exciting science experiments. My daughter and I enjoyed unboxing it and playing with it. All thanks to this Science 61. Finally, I am getting some me time. The product is perfectly packed and the gaming material quality is also high, it is surely a steal deal.This can be a perfect gifting option for kids above the age of 8 years.

3. Soft Toy
Doesn’t the picture says it all? I got this cutie pie because my daughter loved it. The soft toy looks similar to duck, the fabric is super soft. My daughter cuddles and sleeps using this cute duck.

I personally feel they should have more outlets, the company has a website but it hasn’t started with online selling yet. Still, you can make use of the company website to check and compare the price. I am sure you will come back to Super99 again because they have the best quality products at low price.

I would suggest you give it a visit to buy exciting products at low cost.